Product WG report April to mid May 2021

OK, following the proposal in March the PWG has been running for 6 or 7 weeks, so the first monthly update is a little late :roll_eyes:.

PWG sits in the middle of the coop, we try and coordinate between methodologists, engineers, Growth and Business Development (so we get to share the credit for everything that goes right :grin:).

In addition, we strive to be focused on what the customer needs / wants / will be delighted by.


What have we done:

  • Weekly PWG’s meetings (Mondays 20:00 UTC - see the shared calendar for invite)
  • @Metfanmike @catjam have been revising the product prioritisation rubric and there is a draft for comment here and here
  • We have established a team of coop contributors to focus on the FLI products. They are looking at:
    • Tools to understand how FLI product behaves.
    • Blogs about FLI
    • Ownership of the Parameter change IIP’s
  • @puniaviision did an excellent video setting the context for PWG
  • MVI launch - lead by @ DarkForestCapital and @ verto0912
  • BTC2-FLI launch - lead by @ puniaviision and @LemonadeAlpha


Additionally, ongoing works include

  • Intrinsic productivity discussions:
    • Fleshing out IIP-29 for DPI - lead by @kiba and @TenaciousTerrier
    • SMI IP Product requirements Document prepared for Devs.
    • MVI component staking is early stages.
  • Discussions on Liquidity mining strategy - Forum post soon
  • Outline of the route from product idea to DG2.
  • Depreciation of CGI
  • SMI discussions with Synthetix prior to launch
  • Discussions with Bankless re BED prior to DG2


Whats coming

  • SYI IIP for DG1 and community call @Matthew_Graham @Pepperoni_Joe @DefiJesus TBA
  • Non-financial product works - i.e. how can we improve other ways that our users interact with the coop. @ Pepperoni_Joe @ puniaviision

A couple of Brutal Truths from / for me:

  • PWG activity needs to be more visible - see above and new slides on Monday
  • Intrinsic productivity discussions / white paper had been de-prioritised by myself - but now moving.
  • Liquidity mining still feels like a pain point - I’m working on a context setting doc with the intention of starting coop discussions.
  • The process from financial product idea to DG2 isn’t ideal, the modified rubric is the first step on trying to improve this.

thanks for putting together this update OA! it’s fantastic to have this level of communication, transparency, and context sharing in the Coop.

also, hitting the brutal truths is :fire: great to know where those big ticket items stand.

Love the update / progress / brutal truths, equally important! I also feel strongly that the idea → DG2 process is less than ideal, looking forward to what we can do beyond the rubric.