Awareness: Quorum Calculation Update

The Index Cooperative have been using coingecko to calculate quorum requirements and upon investigation by the Analytics Pod the values were determined to be incorrect.:
*source: coingecko

The Analytics Pod set out to create an evergreen source of truth for Circulating Supply and the result is this Dune dashboard:

*for reference; check link directly below for current calculation

This link will be used to calculate the circulating supply and resultant quorum requirements for all Index Coop token voting beginning on 20 March 2022 0:00 UTC.

Coingecko will no longer be utilized. Thanks to the Analytics Pod for the fine work here. For technical questions please relating to the query, reach out to @anthonyb.eth. Please reach out to me directly if there are any questions or challenges to this methodology. All process documents will be updated to reflect this change.


Awesome work! Will there be any outreach to Coingecko to fix the figures? The market looks to Coingecko for better or worse to understand INDEX market cap, which we now know is understated at the moment.


We’ll look into this @Metfanmike and get it sorted - if you or any of your Institutional Business cohort have a warm relationship with anyone at CG please let us know so maybe we can speed that correction along. Good call-out on the broader impact and I’ll update this space with any progress that is realized. :owl: