The sCoop - Contributor Newsletter - 2022.03.22 Tuesday

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Monday saw the Biweekly Standup (this was an “on” week, so, next week, we will not have a standup), featuring a new, 40-minute format. sCoop also kicks off our 3x/week cadence this week.

Tomorrow, we discuss community-proposed topics in the Leadership Forum. Thursday will start with a Tutorial on Index Council Agenda Queue at 17:00 UTC followed by Growth Nest at 20:00 UTC.



  • [Compound-92]: COMP Rewards Adjustments - Kickstart Rewards: Step One


icETH Out the Gang, Make :ice_cube: Emoji a Chain

Biweekly Standup | slides

@anthonyb.eth with Core KPIs:

  • AUM: $182m (Mainnet) + $3.7m (Polygon) = $185.7m total
  • N$F: $155k (Mainnet) + $13k (Polygon) = $168k total

Product Nest

In Q1 2022, they’ve shipped 6 products, with 2 more expected by the end of March: icETH and JPG. They’re focused on diversifying our product portfolio through yield products. icETH will be the first internally-produced product to launch for the Coop. PAY and LDI will also represent diversified yield products.

Tomorrow, they’re talking Product Strategy during the Leadership Forum. $BASIS and $P2E DG starts today. $FIXED and $LAYER1 have passed DG. An update on the product brainstorming from a few weeks ago: all promising ideas have been prioritized and will begin discovery.

Growth Nest

Last week, Growth assembled budget, goals, and game plan for Permissionless (replay Growth<>Community meeting on events here). Season 1 performance reporting has been updated on Notion. IB has secured a podcast opportunity with Copper, a UK-based custodian, for April 2022. One week from today: BitGo Webinar (March 29 at 4pm UTC). Lastly, icETH launch assets will be completed by Wednesday.

Community Nest

Two major accomplishments: the new Community Welcome Call commenced last week with a greater focus on engaging community members and product education/adoption rather than contributor onboarding. Also, the Community Server has a simplified UX and cleaned-up roles. This week, they’re finalizing Product FAQs and community engagement initiatives for icETH and JPG launches. The community manager guidelines are live.

Finance Nest

Some successes from the last week: Operations account report published, Budgets vs actuals published, and IIP-139: Season 1 Budget passed. Contributor Rewards process is live. Check @Hammad1412’s message for details.

Governance Nest

First, new quorum requirement:

  • 218,139 → 297,042 INDEX for Product IIPs
  • 109,069 → 148,521 INDEX for Standard IIPs and MetaGov
  • Quorum-misses: clarify the rerun process

Index Council Nominations are now open and the process will ramp up next week. Some deliverables out of Gov: FEI and INDEX deep dive article by @shawn16400 (on our new blog) and Governance on Twitter Spaces with WIC. Next week, GovComs will work on Hivewise (a decision-making tool for DAOs) prototyping, and they’ll be executing Alternative Governance framework.

Wednesday Meetings: (UTC/1-hr, UON)
1900 - Leadership Forum

Thursday Meetings: (UTC/1-hr, UON)
1700 - Tutorial on Index Council Agenda Queue
2000 - Growth Nest

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