BDWG July Update

Lead: @BigSky7

Core members: @oneski22 @mringz @Matthew_Graham



  • Pursue major DeFi integrations
  • Recruiting and negotiating with external methodologists
  • Growing relationships with major Index stakeholders.
  • Direct sales of Index products to DAOs and other ecosystem partners

Notable highlights:

  • BDWG funded!
  • TRIBE $10 million DPI treasury purchase with FEI
  • Index Coop Fuse Pool launched
  • Polygon foundation methodologist recruitment
  • Index Coop FUSE pool launched on Rari Capital

Q3 Goals Update:

Goal Current
40% of total DPI supply held on leading DeFi money markets 18.5%
$20 million of liquidity on Polygon $200 000
$30 million of Index Coop products held by DAO treasuries $10 000 000

August Focus:

Polygon Liquidity Strategy

This initiative is being led by @overanalyser @oneski22 & @mringz have created an IIP to incentivize the DPI/WETH pool on Sushiswap. The Pool will have 1000 INDEX rewards allocated for the period of a month. The goal is to grow the liquidity for the DPI/WETH pair to $1 million. We have agreements in principle with yield optimizers Adamant Finance and Pickle Finance to set up vaults for these rewards.

There is a proposal for a $2 million dollar purchase of BED by TRIBE to create a BED/FEI LP on Sushiswap. We will be working with the contributors of TRIBE, Sushiswap, and Bankless DAO to ensure this liquidity is correctly deployed and adequately supported.

Money Market Liquidity Strategy

This month our focus will be on completing the on-boarding of our assets on AAVE V2 as well as adding additional assets to our FUSE pool.

We currently have a road map to onboard the following assets on AAVE V2 led by @Matthew_Graham:

  • DPI on V2
  • wBTC-ETH-DPI Balancer V2 LP on AMM

We currently have a road map to onboard the following assets on Index Coop Fuse Pool (Pool #19) led by @oneski22:

  • BED

Methodologist Negotiations

After completing negotiations with the DATA methodologists. Our main focus will be assisting the community with the fee negotiations with Defi Pulse for their existing and future leveraged products.

Message from the Lead:

"July was a very successful month for the BDWG. We received full funding and began to execute on a number of major initiatives. Our relationship with FEI Labs began to bear major dividends as they purchased $10 million dollars of $DPI and provided significant amounts of liquidity for our products on multiple DeFi money markets. We see our relationships with FEI Labs, Rari Capital, and Sushiswap as tremendously important for Index Coop. These relationships continue to bear dividends for the Coop.

Our working group has significantly focused in the past month on negotiating with and recruiting external methodologists and other partners. BDWG helps facilitate and drive forward the conversations with external partners, many of these conversations require other working groups to participate. Working cross-functionally is an important skill for our WG, often our biggest initiatives are driven by partnering with other working groups. The Coop works when our WGs come together quickly to solve complex problems. We strive to build close relationships with all of the working groups at Index Coop.

Over the next month, we plan to formalize how we negotiate with external partners. Driving liquidity to both Polygon and top DeFi money-markets remains a top-priority. Alongside this, we are working to increase investor involvement in our community through both governance voting and forum activity."




This post is great! It’s too easy to lose track of everything groups have advanced w/o something like this :pray:

Super specific question :slight_smile: looking at Fuse, how has usage so far matched our expectations?

Screen Shot 2021-08-12 at 2.16.58 PM


Apologies for the Late reply here Greg. Thanks for taking an interest. Well, our initial intention was to launch the pool and see if it can serve as a way to increase the retention of our products.

So far we have learned that this sort of integration is good for supporting other communities, we can support assets related to other protocols and it serves as an avenue to building and fostering relationships with other protocols. For instance, we have onboarded FEI which is TRIBE’s stablecoin and that relationship has been responsible for $50 million dollars of DPI purchases as well as $1 million DPI and $1 Million FEI deposit into this specific pool. So it has served that initial intention somewhat but we have unlocked another avenue of value creation that we did not expect. We also hope to use this model when building relationships with other algoritmic stablecoin protocols like FRAX and OHM.