sCoop Weekly - 2022.02.04

Welcome to the sCoop Weekly where you’ll get a rundown of the week that was and where the Owls are flying next. Be sure to follow daily and weekly Index Cooperative contributor news on Twitter: @HowWeDAO

Aave Polygon Market now Supports $DPI

Thanks to the hard work on behalf of some Owls, $DPI is now a part of the Aave Polygon Market. Deposit $DPI, borrow stables for additional yield ! :raised_hands: Definitely more to come with Aave & Index.

Diving into DeFi with Mike Taormina

@Metfanmike tells his path to and down the crypto :rabbit: :hole:. Along with watching, be sure to Like, Comment, and Subscribe to help increase the YouTube reach of this video and others in the future. Watch Video

What’s new and in which direction is Index Coop heading over the upcoming week.

Owl Levels & Dynamic Staking Model (DSM)

The Index Council and community have put a lot of time and effort into building community ownership opportunities. Along with the recent addition of Priority Hires, Owl Levels and DSM will roll out the entire contributor community in the upcoming weeks. If you’d like more specifics, be sure to watch this week’s Leadership Forum or read about Owl Levels or DSM in the Forum.

Next Steps for Nest Budgets & Index Council

Nest budget proposals and the steps to be undertaken when approving them are laid out on the Forum. @Finance.Nest’s Season 1 budget has been published on the Forum with more Nests to come.

The term for the Index Council is set to end on February 28th. So it’s time for the community to provide feedback and weigh on the next steps for building a win-win relationship with Set. Vote in the current poll and leave your thoughts about our options moving forward.

There’s no shortage of industry and educational events in DeFi and crypto. Along with taking part in events worldwide, Index Coop hosts a number of events to help people learn about crypto index products.

Understanding Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

@Metfanmike will be talking to CFA Society Boston next Thursday about the basics of DeFi and decentralized and exchange-traded (ETF) crypto index funds based on web3 product themes.

If you have any CFAs in your life, be sure to pass along this link so they can register and attend: Event Registration - Understanding Decentralized Finance (DeFi)

DeFridays $GMI Series with Reflexer Finance - Listen to Twitter Space
Building Crypto Education Content & Events w/@DeadCaitBounce - Set Reminder Monday, Feb 7th @ 2pm EST

For Season 1, this section will be a place to surface specific talents needs and contributor opportunities for Nests & Pods. Contact @coolhorsegirl or @kindeagle to create a listing.

Devs, Devs, Devs - We always need Smart Contract Engineers, right? Reach out to @bradwmorris and our Talent team

Impression Mining - Learn more about how your product-related Social, Blog, and Video posts can earn you $INDEX rewards. Learn more about the program

Something to share with your non-crypto family and friends to assure them you’re not working in MLM or part of a Ponzi scheme.

Curious Beginner’s Guide to Cryptocurrencies - Creator Economy by Peter Yang