Business Development & Partnerships Strategy

Every dollar added to Index Coop’s Assets Under Management (AUM) directly translates into streaming fees for $INDEX. The number of $INDEX tokens is limited to 10,000,000 tokens. However, the total % of the DeFi market captured under $DPI is theoretically unlimited. Whether our AUM is $100 million, $1 billion, or $10 billion, the streaming fees will always flow to the same 10 million tokens. I.e, if one day $DPI owns 10% of the total DeFi market, 10% of the fees for the entire market will flow to $INDEX holders.

This means that growing AUM is the defining mission of the $INDEX Coop. As AUM grows, more and more capital flows into $INDEX, making each of our holdings more valuable.

For community members asking, “How can I help out?”, the next question should be “How can I help grow AUM?”

Growing Index Coop’s AUM is the only mission of our business development team. We will be laser-focused on accomplishing this mission. The most effective way for us to grow our AUM is by partnering with enterprises, DAOs, and protocols from across DeFi. Three segments will drive our AUM growth; DeFi Partnerships, Wallet Partnerships, and Exchange Listings. Each partnership further entrenches us as a leading player in the space and exposes even more investors to blue-chip DeFi returns.

  1. DeFi Partnerships: Interoperability and composability drive ERC-20 protocol growth. Strong partnerships create novel opportunities for investors to earn from their $DPI holdings while exposing new investors to our asset. Interactions with the EVM drive DeFi token ownership. Tokens that offer a compelling way to interact with DeFi will prosper, while tokens with limited use cases will falter.

    Our Business Development team will focus on developing these partnerships. We will exhibit a bias for collaboration and establish lasting productive relationships with the leading DeFi protocols.

  2. Wallet Partnerships: The primary way that DeFi users interact with the EVM is through their wallets. Ensuring that $DPI is prominently featured and easily accessible on leading wallets brings more users to $DPI and expands our AUM. Users check their wallets daily. These daily check-ins create an excellent opportunity to place the $DPI token front and center in their minds.

  3. Exchange Partnerships: Significant technological, cultural, and legacy obstacles currently exist that keep even technologically savvy individuals from fully migrating to DeFi. As long as those obstacles exist ( and they will continue to exist even with the advent of multiple sophisticated L2 AMMs) we need fiat exchange exposure.

    We need to maximize our Fiat On-Ramp exposure. My friends, my family, and acquaintances will continue to need fiat onramps for the foreseeable future. Listing $DPI on exchanges gives them access to the same returns as sophisticated DeFi natives.

Index’s business development team’s mission is to grow AUM. These three primary focus areas will help guide us to $500 million AUM, $1 billion AUM, and ultimately to $10 billion AUM. I’m excited for the journey to come and to work with every community member to make this vision a reality.


I agree with this sentiment 100%. As I was reading this post the one word that kept on recurring was “partnerships” I believe our partnerships will differentiate us from any emerging and existing competitors. Additionally, with partnership integrations we can analyse how well these partnerships are contributing to the achievement of our main goal, to grow AUM of our various products. I also believe quality media partnerships will also be beneficial. The media has a wide reach to a broad audience so if we can create a partnership with prominent media publications like Decypt and Coindesk we can reap the benefits of growing awareness of our index products. Furthermore, the content they create about us will always be available on the web as opposed to to paid adverts. We can also use media publications to market future index products that are created by the indexcoop community.


All good stuff, let’s just make sure the goal we don’t detract from our credibility so far, meaning not getting to ostentatious with the ads or pushing too forward. Has anyone reached out to Decrypt?

Hey, Game theorist. We have reached out to them they sent us prices and we are in the process of arranging a call.

Additionally I do agree with your point. The right partnerships are important with the most credible participants in Crypto, long-term partnerships will bring more value to Indexcoop in the long-run.