Calling Potential Protocol Ambassadors

Protocol Ambassador Program

As Index Coop continues to immerse itself financially within the DeFi ecosystem, we need to also further immerse ourselves socially. Having strong relationships with each of the protocols underlying $DPI and any future indices creates an unforkable moat and provides us with an advantage in terms of supporting $DPI, $MVI and other future products.

Our proposed solution for achieving this is the Protocol Ambassador Program. Under this program, one member of the Index Coop community will be assigned to each of the protocols underlying DPI. The protocols which currently allow for meta-governance voting or that are likely to offer value to Index Coop (e.g., listing DPI as collateral, partnerships, etc.) will be prioritized.

Proposed Scope of Work / Role:

Ambassadors ideally already have a close relationship and/or understanding of the protocol within DPI they are matched with. At this time, we view this role more as someone who reports back and advises Index Coop rather than someone who does outreach to these protocols (so that there is no accidental conflict with BD efforts). This may change over time.

There are a few proposed specific responsibilities to this role set forth below:

  • Monitor the protocol’s governance forum and Discord for developments that may be relevant to Index Coop. This includes, without limitation:
    • upcoming meta-governance proposals
    • news/updates that may affect the protocol or our products
    • general protocol sentiment about any of the above
  • Reporting back to Index Coop re: any updates as they occur
  • Review/draft synopses of live meta-governance votes, as needed
  • Assist with efforts:
    • to unlock meta-governance capabilities for the protocol, if applicable
    • to list DPI as collateral, if appropriate
    • with respect to other partnership-building projects as needed
  • Potentially serve as a delegate to (i) pool support for initiatives at the underlying protocol that brings value to DPI / Index Coop and/or (ii) as part of a meta-governance voting committee, if pursued/approved by the IC community, in which case each ambassador will likely need to be elected by Index Coop.

Compensation: we propose that ambassadors are compensated for their time through the normal monthly contributor rewards system [to be discussed].

Please reach out if you are interested in potentially serving in this role for a particular protocol within DPI you already know well.


Thanks for the thoughtful proposal @cedrick. Having protocol ambassadors is a forward looking move for a DAO and it’s great to see Index Coop take the lead.

I am interested in being a protocol ambassador for Aave and Uniswap, two protocols I am actively involved with.


  • Leading Aave Grants DAO, a community-led grants program to grow the Aave ecosystem
  • Made an on-chain proposal that passed with a unanimous vote


  • Working on a treasury diversification strategy for Uniswap along with other team members
  • Serving as an additional reviewer for Uniswap Grants

I’ve also been a friend and unofficial contributor to the Coop. I do a weekly call with few members of the treasury working group where we discuss ideas relating to Index’s treasury as well as other DeFi treasuries. I’ve provided feedback on few proposals and forum posts. And I’ve featured the Coop on few of my blog posts (1, 2).

Happy to answer any questions!


Thanks @HelloShreyas. It’s been great to see your work across a number of protocols. Would love to have you involved here - will circle back as we fill out the program and we can connect on specifics further.

(and apologies for the late reply - looks like my previous attempt didn’t go through)

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+1 to the above proposal, incentivising this type of participation is something the all tokens should improve! The more governance coordination the better​:globe_with_meridians::owl:

:fire:_ :fire: (Fire Eyes DAO) is a DAO navigating token economic and governance systems across DeFi - made up of myself, Cooper, Lucas & Callum.

We’d like to propose :fire:_:fire: as protocol ambassadors for both BAL & MTA, as well as contributing to AAVE wherever helpful to @HelloShreyas

We’ve been long term supporters of both DPI and INDEX, most recently posting an introduction to RAI.

We’ve worked closely with Balancer for the past 6 months around community, governance, and liquidity mining. :fire:_ :fire: also plays an active role in the mStable community, contributing to project strategy and MTA governance. Finally, FE has been a contributor to the Aave ecosystem since the projects early days as ETHlend, contributing to AAVE tokenomics and the LEND > AAVE transition.

:fire:_ :fire: is one of the largest DeFi governance collectives, active across other DeFi governance systems and communities including Aave, Balancer, mStable, Reflexer, Rocket Pool, and more. We’re more than happy to support and champion the Index Coop in these communities and beyond!

We’re 100% supportive of @HelloShreyas taking the lead on AAVE and UNI for the Coop as his work has been incredible. If there’s anything :fire:_ :fire: can do to support AAVE we’re more than happy to help!


Appreciate it @James! Respect the work that Fire Eyes has done and definitely down to tag team on Aave. @cedrick, @BigSky7, and I are narrowing down the scope and expectations for this role. We can discuss how to work together.