CDWG May Update & new website homepage

MT and I disagree on this one regarding AuM :slight_smile:

While I understand large numbers do not related to peoples’ personal situation, they are almost always used by financial institutions to show their size and legitimacy. AuM is also the primary metric used most often to judge the success of a fund/product in finance too.

Whenever anyone blogs about index product providers in DeFi, AuM is almost always their primary lens to judge performance, before getting more granular. It matters because it shows many people are trusting their life savings to this product/company, and if they have, maybe I can feel secure doing so too. AuM and holders in my mind is the most powerful signal from the market that the Coop is trusted.

Thanks for the kind comment.

The aim is to host all out content and have multi-language in time too. ML might take a bit longer but it’s a focus of ours for sure!

I read about this via an email notification, and a couldn’t remember what you where referring to. But it was about the corgis :slight_smile:
I think in her life-time the Queen visited Berlin 3times, I think. And the last time isn’t that long ago, and I really thought about going to the city. (But I didn’t). 95 now. hmm. I have to say, that I do not have much for the monarchy, but this Lady, all my respect.

Hi, interesting as I had this topic with another com.member today. with WP you mean wordpress?
I am totally for a solution this way, but dont know what would be the best way to handle that.

Having a subdomain running ML Wordpress Theme can run in parallel with the main site, as long as we follow similar design language with the main site. I personally feel that setting up this is slightly easier than custom build theme. For short-mid term, I would suggest using ML Theme thats out there; though ideally the best is to create our own theme. With the latter will take time.

Yes, apologies, WP means wordpress. too many abbrev… :sweat_smile: as for moving forward, here is my preliminary thoughts/steps of the solution (though will need further refinement) as I do have basic knowledge of building websites via wordpress and limited knowledge in php and html;

  1. creation of subdomain & installation of Wordpress
  2. installation of WP ML theme & relevant plugins (ML, analytics, geofencing, etc)
  3. users/translator/editor creations
  4. consolidation existing articles to blog.indexcoop
  5. porting over / matching existing translation with existing articles
  6. optimising for SEO/SEM
  7. publish/ making the blog live