CDWG - Request for funding (1st July to 1st October)(UPDATED)


The Creative and Design Working Group (CDWG) would like to present Index Coop the opportunity to continue the CDWG until the 1st October. In doing so, the CDWG requests a budget for the three month period starting 1st July and ending 1st October.

What is the core problem(s) you want to solve? What value will you create?

  • Continue to produce high quality design assets for incoming design requests
  • Complete design of new website and, working with relevant stakeholders in Engineering, Growth (and Content) and BD, launch the new website. Target launch date: late August (with drip feed of certain updates before that fuller date)
  • Also working with relevant stakeholders in the aforementioned WGs, enable the design and launch of landing pages for a range of use cases

The CDWG has been operating officially for two months, hopefully adding value (feedback suggests so!), and we hope to continue our work on the road to ‘becoming the best designed DAO in DeFi!’

Progress over these two months has been documented here (Month 1) and here (Month 2), but I would call out these major deliverables and highlights (discussed in detail in the updates):

  • New brand framework
  • New website designs (90% complete)
  • New Instagram launch and build out
  • New Google Slide deck templates
  • New product launch videos

Why is this worth addressing today?

At a high level, design is important in building trust, reputation and brand. We know and respect brands such as Apple, Dyson and Tesla.

At a more tangible level, design can also improve conversion rate on landing pages for growth, shareability of content and social media posts, and so on. It can also improve conversion rate associated with BD activities, via awesome one pagers, decks, etc.

We have also invested in design, and some key projects within this WG, for a couple of months now but have not yet completed some major initiatives. E.g. website.

A further investment in the CDWG will enable us to continue our general design work, helping the DAO stand out and win in the market, as well as enabling us to complete major open projects - and realize lots of value from them.

How will you address it?

We will continue our business as usual work, handling inbound requests, working on internally generated projects (e.g. 3D Cooper owl), and generally not mess with the recipe too much.

We will not rest on our laurels though and are always thinking of the best way to execute design here - from improving the requests and follow up process, to technology infrastructure, to design archives, it’s been great to optimize how we work these last two months. We will not stop seeking to improve - and please keep your feedback coming in. It’s also been great to see the Design Owls (Dowls) constantly thinking about improvements as well and demonstrating a high degree of ownership.

What impact will this project have? What are the KPIs?

  • The completion of the project to design, build and launch a new website (without impacting core engineering resources (which are very valuable and constrained at this time) - Dev and @DefiJesus are project managers here)
  • The starting and completion of a project to establish landing page infrastructure and templates. Very high value for GWG, but also BD too
  • And, again, at a high level: we seek to make an ambitious reach to become the best designed DAO in DeFi

Working Group Leader/Contributor role

  • Dev

Request for Funding

Proposed Budget:

  • Core contributor and lead - Dev: $6,000/month (UPDATE: fixed in $INDEX for three months at 20day MA from June of $20.25)
  • Core contributor rewards and bounties: $30,000/month (slightly expanded budget from last iteration’s $25,000/month)
  • Design tools and apps - $4,000/month

We seek a small increase in budget, but believe with an interested and active group of designers we are well staffed for the needs of the Index Coop at this time. We believe are organization is mostly fit for purpose after two months (though as mentioned above, this does not mean we stop looking for ways to improve).


We humbly ask your support to continue working against our goals, launch the new website and critical marketing infrastructure, without increasing our cost base or WG complexity by much.

We’ve achieved lots in the first two months, but there’s so much more to do - and more value to be realized.

Organization - How will it work?

What will you be doing?

Business as usual activities and key projects, as discussed above.

How will you interface with the community?

As we are today, with some gradual evolutionary improvements:

  • #Design channel in Discord
  • Notion request form, tracker board, and design archive
  • Bi weekly CDWG meetings (open to the community)
  • Provide weekly updates to community - Weekly Meeting and Org Meeting
  • Posts in the forum - updates, requests for feedback/votes, etc


I am committed to Index Coop principles

I am committed to serving the entire Index Coop with my work.

I am committed to open, rapid communication: I know that clear, constant, public communication lifts up the entire Index Coop community. I am committed to this style of communication.

Shared learnings: I will share my progress, learnings with the entire community. I will ensure that anything I create is accessible beyond my own tenure for future generations of Indexers to access & build on.

Intellectual honesty: I am committed to growth and improvement. I am open to feedback and will use feedback to improve my work for the benefit of the entire Coop community.

I am committed to making Index Coop a welcoming, fun, and engaging community to work in!

Cast your vote

  • FOR funding CDWG from 1st July to 1st October
  • AGAINST funding CDWG from 1st July to 1st October

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Awesome work over the past three months - you have built a strong team capable of quickly producing quality work for the coop.

Our high quality materials went a long way during the recent raise. The turnaround time has also been increasingly fast.

Can’t wait to see what the team accomplishes during the next three months!


Thanks for the kind words and support @BigSky7 !


Voted for and big supporter of the CDWGs work so far. I am excited to see the new website go live and I love the overall consistency to public facing design.


Thanks for the kind words @prairiefi - were excited to release it too!

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Voting FOR

Huge fan of the work this team is delivering to the community. Super excited for what is to come :slight_smile:


Thanks for the comment and kind words @Matthew_Graham !

Will vote FOR this proposal when it moves to IIP.

In my view, CDWG/Growth/BD are all instrumental for growing the Index Cooperative’s compounding Distribution advantage that I originally wrote about in my blog post Why I Invested in DeFi Pulse Index and Index Cooperative.

It’s critical that we keep investing in these areas.

Any critique I would make around the proposal would be around the specific numbers and how they fit into the Coop’s operating budget from Treasury. CC @Matthew_Graham


Thanks for your support and comments @Thomas_Hepner !

Hey Dev I’m rounding up all the WG proposals to go into the FC grant #4 request. Can you just confirm you are happy with the numbers below:

Which would mean the FC budgeting 889 INDEX + $120k in Index at the time of request, to be held in the FC wallet for monthly reward distribution. A further $12k in Index at the time of request will be sent to the CDWG wallet for tool and app expenses.

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That looks good to me, yes, @DarkForestCapital.

Thank you.

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Curious, is there any way we can templatize this?

I’d suppose that a “standard landing page design” could be created and then WG leads could independently update copy/grab design assets etc…

Noticed, “establish landing page infrastructure and templates” :+1:

Why isn’t $25,000 enough? Where do you expect the extra $5K per month to go?

What tools are being used these days leading to $4K a mo?

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Hey @gregdocter

Thanks for reading and adding a couple of comments

  • $25k–>$30K: to cover rewards for a larger pool of contributors. In CDWG I we expected up to 6 people, but became 8. We now have 9. We don’t need a Design Empire, so I do not proposed much more (we don’t need more ambitious head count), but feel a little more helps feed the team.

  • $4k tools budget: Figma, Webflow, a few other tools used on a more piecemeal basis, while Contentful is to come soon. There may be a few more. However, I expect to use less than this budget and make some savings here.

Hope that answers your questions satisfactorily.

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appreciate the information :pray:

@DevOnDeFi can you confirm that 0xA176aFabb115Bd06Afc486491eB4dB15A3B42a0D is the proper address to which the requested funds should be sent?

that address was pulled from the gitbook

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Correct @gregdocter. Thank you

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