CNest February/March Progress Update

CNest February/March Progress Update

In an attempt to increase transparency and accountability, Community Nest (as outlined in our Season 1 proposal) are preparing and posting short monthly progress updates.

The February update was delayed (apologies). We’ve merged February and March progress to date and will continue with monthly updates.

Any feedback, questions, course corrections or suggestions are very welcome. All of our active projects are visible to everyone to follow in real time here.

Community Pod

Discord revamps

We migrated contributors to the new contributor server and have since been focusing on redesigning the community server to provide an exceptional, vibrant and product-centric user experience for our community members.

We’re trying to find a balance where the contributor server is not exclusive, but we can maintain a high level of contributor coordination. Moving forward, only Nests/Nest Mods will have the ability to allow contributor server access for core contributors who are actively participating within Nests.

We’ve started redesigning and simplifying the community server to improve community UX and grow our product sub-communities. We reduced the amount of categories from over 15 back to 6 in the community server.

We’ve setup better data and analytics tracking and will be developing baseline engagement scores over the next 4 - 8 weeks looking to improve overall community server engagement through better onboarding UX, time to first response and better sub-community channels for each of our products.

Shoutout @bgiove @funkmasterflex @TheYoungCrews crushing the Community Server.

Engaging with the community in the community server is everyone’s job! It would be greatly appreciated if all contributors can carve out some time to spend in the community server.

Community manager guidelines + Community engagement roster

With our newly designed community server in full flight, we are ramping up our community manager duties to create a more vibrant, engaging and supportive community experience. We’re aiming for 24/7 support and real time communication for new joiners and anyone with product specific questions.

We’d love any suggestions anyone has on improving our community manager guidelines to ensure we’re best serving the community.

Community manager guidelines document can be found here.

If anyone considers themselves experts in any of our products, please find the Product Select channel in the community server and join some flocks!

For any questions - @0xMitz @kindeagle @ coolhorsegirl

Product FAQ pages

Product FAQ pages live by the end of the week. This will allow our community managers to efficiently support and educate our community and help them navigate our products. We are also working with Growth to ensure repurposing of product specific content assets where possible. FAQs will be available in Notion and eventually Gitbook.

We’re working with Product @ allan.g to add FAQ’s to the bottom of all the GitBook pages. @coolhorsegirl @funkmasterflex

Index Coop Terminal/Health Dashboard

We’ve partnered with the development team at ForeFront to build an Index Coop Terminal. The metrics to build the dashboard live here:

Feel free to drop a message if you’d think anything would be valuable to add. Initial prototype should be ready within 4-8 weeks.

Thanks @ anthonyb.eth - please direct any questions to @bradwmorris

Community welcome flow

We’ve pivoted the community welcome onboarding to be more focused toward engaging community members and educating on our products, rather than just onboarding potential contributors.

The new community welcome flow map can be found here.

As part of the new onboarding flow, we launched the Web3 onboarding platform and the new community welcome orientation call which is now focused toward community engagement and product adoption/education. If any contributors are free to drop into the community welcome orientation call from time to time, please do so.

Someone downloaded Argent Wallet and purchased $GMI during the first call!

Operations Pod

Google Suite Revamp

The Ops pod this month has carried out a revamp of our current google suite. This included the creation and setting up of two new calendars and a new system for how to manage the meetings/events on the separate calendars (more details on the specifics below). Also a file management system in google drive, with each nest now having their own specific drives for managing and collaboration on documents.

The GSuite revamp is complete. All 5 nests have their own Google Drive in addition to shortcuts from nest to nest within each Google Drive. Please check out this discord message for more details - Discord


Community calendar (includes Weekly Standup, Leadership Forum, Twitter spaces, Owlchemy, DeFridays, Community Product calls, AMAs, IRL events, etc)

Contributor calendar:

DAO tooling/audit

The other major work in ops was the auditing and cleansing of google suite and Notion accounts. This was long overdue, and the start of season 1 with a new list of core contributors from each nest was the perfect time to cleanse any accounts that are no longer active at Index Coop. Over 30+ accounts were removed from both notion and google suite, which will provide the DAO with savings of $5k + annually, and also improving security of our google drives. Alongside this work, a centralized list of tooling subscriptions has been collated and being provided to finance nest so that the payment of these can be carried out through a DAO credit card and not by individuals.

Speak to @Hammad1412 if any questions about revamps and @StepvhenH for calendars.

Talent Pod

As part of the Season 1 Proposal, The Talent Pod had originally set a number of targets around onboarding new engineering and product talent. Engineering have a strong focus on developing quality processes with the current team. We are planning to reconnect with the engineering team to learn if we can support in hiring/upskilling Index Wizards this coming month and recommence the onboarding flow.

If anyone has questions/suggestions covering talent onramp, please reach out.

Repeatable recruitment process

We’ve created the first draft of a formal recruitment pathway/process for the Coop. The pathway is designed to help us more proactively and strategically identify and fill key role gaps.

For any questions, please refer to @Lfeld and @bradwmorris

Bounty board

We’re pivoting the bounty board to be more product-centric. Working to ensure we have content creation bounties to promote each of our products.

Any questions, please refer to Shawnzy or Brad for any bounty questions.

As mentioned above, any and all feedback is welcome!