The sCoop - Contributor Newsletter - 2022.02.14 Monday

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Kicking off the week, we held our Weekly Standup with updates from our 5 Nests followed by Product Nest’s biweekly call including updates from its 4 pods.

Tomorrow, F.Nest will talk tokenomics in Money Talks on Discord. Analytics Pod’s biweekly meeting happens at the same time, 16:00 UTC. Then, Community Nest is presenting their proposal at 18:00. Finally, come chat with C.Nest’s at Tea Time: 20:00 UTC on Discord.



Finance | Community:

Happy Owlentine’s Day!

Weekly Stand Up (44 attendees) slides

Kicking off with some core KPIs from @anthonyb.eth: AUM was up last week by 12.2%, totaling $203m. N$F were up to $2.7m last which is an inflow of 1.4% of AUM. Revenue was $69k last week ($3.6m annualized), up 15.5% week over week. These numbers do not include the new FLI launches; they will be incorporated next week.

Community Nest @bradwmorris

The Community Nest Dashboard is live on Notion. Pending their proposal going through, the projects include team, owners and tasks. It will be used in C.Nest’s weekly public-facing meetings to give updates on projects. The Discord split, approved last week, is moving along this week. They’re trying to get other nests to use Notion’s project management tool as well.

Next, a quick pod spotlight on Operations. A forum post explains changes in GSuite: Calendar changes are coming this weekend and do not require changes from active contributors. It will allow members to RSVP to meetings from the Contributor Calendar. Google Drive updates will occur over the next several weeks.

Finance Nest @ElliottWatts

Contributor Rewards 2.0 post on the forum went live over the weekend; @finance.nest is aiming to start the process for this month towards the end of this week. They’re also working with Parcel, Ops account’s payment provider, to improve interaction with contributors. If you want to use Coordinape instead of Contributor Rewards for your nest/pod, reach out.

Accountability and Financial Reporting Pods have completed all financial reports: Medium deep dive article, What happened in F.Nest: a thread, and Budget vs. Actuals. One pager summary report and Operations account review will be posted soon.

Other updates: They’re working with DebtDAO this week to hopefully finalise an agreement in principle and share it on the forum as an FYI. DSM tracking started on Feb 10 and will run until the end of Feb; going forward, it will be a 30-day review period. Finance Nest has completed review of all budgets in Nest proposals. They are working on an updated 2022 budget with the revised figures from proposals and will share this with Nest Leads ASAP.

Governance Nest @lavi

Current priorities include updating signers for MGC IIP on the forum and holding a community call to discuss the Ambassador Program (cheers to @puncar for driving this). MGC Nominations are live in the forum; anyone can nominate themselves or someone else and the deadline to nominate and to confirm acceptance of nomination is Feb 17. Badger Meta-Governance is on hold until Snapshot issues are resolved.

Growth Nest @Metfanmike

Season 1 Proposal & Budget has received feedback from F.Nest and ICC and will be posted to the forum this week and discussed in Thursday’s community call. From UX & Analytics Pod, New Google Analytics events have been set up across the website along with other tracking infra updates. Pre-launch improvements are being made to the blog from SEO and Engineering. From IB and BD, @Metfanmike hosted a webinar with CFA Institute on Decentralized Finance that saw 65 attendees (a recording will be available soon). He’s also been meeting with Tier I CEX/Custodian for DPI and INDEX listings with a potential April timeline. Also exciting, we’ve had our most promising off-chain conversation yet with a provider that creates grantor trusts for holding digital assets.

Product Nest @DocHabanero

DG1 has been removed from the onboarding process! All products currently pre-DG2 will now just be pre-DG. DAO Customer interviews are scheduled for ETHDenver, focusing on market research to influence the next wave of products to onboard. Shoutout to @funkmasterflex and @asira for coordinating those. Most of the Product Team will be at ETHDenver, so expect delayed responses.

They’re celebrating 3 FLI products launched last week! 2 more products passed DG, $JPG and $PAY and $PINT, with launch dates TBD. A full version of the Product Roadmap is here.

@MrMadila reporting on Liquidity Pod from Denver: 2x $200k of capital deployed into iMATIC and iETH pools; first time Index Coop has hedged protocol owned liquidity; DPI and DATA ready to launch on ZigZag exchange this week; and iMATIC +iETH, G-UNI pools to launch this week to provide deeper liquidity for traders and increased capital efficiency for Liquidity Pod. Thank you to @ElliottWatts, @Hammad1412, and @prairiefi for completing 100-man-hour multi-sig marathons and to @ncitron for being an all-around hero.

From Engineering Pod: detailed scoping is in process for $JPG and Set is currently working on protocol design for intrinsic productivity for $PAY. 0x Exchange Issuance smart contracts, which will allow us to mint all of our products on Mainnet, have been reviewed and merged. It’s on track to deploy soon @christn. New is aiming to launch by the end of Feb; under the hood, it will get users the best price. Google analytics design is underway for app site.

Love and Launches

Product Nest (18 attendees) slides

This is the first official Product Nest meeting since the restructure, and slides will likely be reconfigured over the next few sessions. A reminder of their 4 Pods: Product (led by @DocHabanero), Analytics (led by @anthonyb.eth), Engineering (led by @edwardk), and Liquidity (@MrMadila). They’re hiring for a GTM Manager and later a Portfolio Manager, and a layout of their people structure is on the slides. Please reach out to @DocHabanero if you want to see more or less of something in Product’s public-facing meetings.

Product Pod has set up weekly calls with Growth to answer these 3 questions: (1) What is our north star metric for 2022? (2) What customers are in DeFi right now? and (3) What customers can we unlock in 2022?

Revamp to the Product Roadmap:

Product launches: Because there is no DG1 process, every product is essentially just pre-DG. Besides $JPG and $PAY are post-DG, and then everything else is “in progress” meaning we will pursue this and are past research phase and pre-execution phase or “in discussion,” meaning an external person has come to Index and we are internally reviewing it. We are improving coordination with deciding voters to make sure they are happy with what we’re working on before it goes to DG (so products do not fail at a point that late in the process, like $MCAP).

All things considered, product launches (MATIC2x, iMATIC, and iETH) last week went well. We are eyeing early March for BTC2x and iBTC. By late March/early April, it will be technically feasible to launch on Avalanche then eventually Fantom. There’s an opportunity for us to incentivize arbitrage effectively and also to make sure we extract as much revenue as possible by raising mint redeem fees on FLI products; this is an ongoing discussion.

For $FIXED, technical feasibility is being reviewed by Engineering Pod and BD is reaching out to DAO treasuries this week. Both will be complete before we move to a community call and vote.

For $REAL, Sid & Photons Capital posted V1 methodology and Protocol partners (Maple, Goldfinch, Centrifuge, etc.). provided feedback. Lots of great feedback from protocol partners - Maple, Goldfinch, Centrifuge, etc.

OOO: @JosephKnecht Feb 19-26, @TheYoungCrews Feb 15-19, @ElliottWatts Feb 26- Mar 5, @Pepperoni_Joe Feb 14-25, @Cavalier_Eth reduced availability in second half of Feb

Tuesday Meetings: (UTC/1-hr, UON)
1600 - Money Talks F.Nest AMA :moneybag:
1600 - Analytics Pod Meeting
1800 - Community Nest Proposal Presentation
2000 - Community Nest Tea Time

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