Create a Defi Pulse Index Data Set/Pool on Ocean marketplace

Aloha Crypto Family,

Ocean Data Market has just been recently released :

I have made a few hundred dollars in profit from staking my ocean in less than a week from two different data sets.

I can see this being beneficial for Index if we participate in collecting, organizing and packaging our Data for The DPI and INDEX token (and any other indexes that we release)

I feel Over analyzer would be a great Leader for this endeavor.
He has presented the community countless forms of data analytics regarding the DPI, I’m sure he can analyze different aspects that could collect even more data.

I can see the data set and data pool/s growing more valuable throughout time as more data is collected and included in the data sets.

Ocean market uses balancer in the background so one-sided liquidity can be added.

I can see the information being valuable to any potential competitors, investors, third party collaborators, ( Blackrock, Vanguard etc.)who want deeper insights on Index token metrics.

I can see speculators and investors generating another form of yield from staking in our INDEX data set pools.

It can be another way for the co-op to yield farm and possibly buy back our own token and all the cool stuff YFI and Harvest finance does to increase the revenue in their vaults.

Sorry for the grammar, it’s hard for me to write down all the technical details, because I just don’t enjoy writing too much. But yea I see this being not much work on our behalf with a potential nice revenue stream for the coop

please share your thoughts, much love.