Let’s dress the bride (DPI)

Hello there,

In order to make DPI a little bit more attractive for our new customers, what about adding some back tested data to show what would have happened if the indice had been created a year ago ?

We should definitely notify that it is not real data, but as long as it follows the strategy currently implemented, it is acceptable. If you don’t like the idea, at least a medium post or some articles in crypto-focused newspapers would do the work :ok_hand: but we need the data first !

Let me know your thoughts.


Big fan of this idea and love the title

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Would be great if someone from DeFi Pulse could have a look at this idea and provide us with the backtested data, as I guess that we should take into account the fact that some tokens didn’t exist few months back and i’m not sure when they would have added them to the index.


This would be awesome. Tagging @scott_lew_is