DAO Treasury Sales Lead - BDWG

Authors: @mringz @bigsky7 @metfanmike @fallow8 @oneski22


Business Development Working Group (BDWG) is looking for a contributor to lead the development of a DAO Treasury Sales strategy.


DAO Treasuries face concentration risks from being overexposed to their governance token. A solution to this common problem is incorporating a degree of diversification. Index Cooperative products - particularly DPI and eventually SYI - are logical targets for helping DAO Treasuries to diversify their portfolios.

The immediate goal is to flesh out our strategy for achieving this vision, which will increase our North Star Metrics if successful.


  • A strategy brief that helps us to better understand:
    • What is the current status of DAO Treasuries? (i.e., assets, holidings)
    • Who are the key decision makers at each DAO?
    • How should we pitch the concept?
    • What would be the process for major DAOs to approve a diversification?

If the community member develops a thoughtful strategy, the strong hope/expectation is that he or she will also look to lead the implementation of that strategy (although this is not a requirement). This is a fantastic opportunity to drive results and build relationships across the DeFi ecosystem.

If you are interested in developing this strategy forward, please reach out to BigSky and Mringz on Discord. Candidates will be asked to present their strategy during our weekly BD call detailing their findings and approach to implementing the strategy.


There was some early work on this back in Dec and I believe there are at least two spreadsheets of info collected. I have one of them and will dm the link. The landscape has likely changed but I remember that there were some interesting DAO finds, some that are big but you don’t hear about so much.

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