DeFi accumulation index proposal

@CrazyCave It is a fascinating space at the moment.

I don’t see much benefit in direct migration from DPI to the proposed DPIacc set, you could be looking at selling 11 tokens and buying 11 accumulation tokens. It can be done, and I’m sure Zapper etc would offer it, but it’s probably more cost effective for smaller holders to just do a UNISWAP between the two and eat the 0.3% + 0.3% fee and slippage.

Personally, I currently self insure, if a token collapses it’s all on me. I would prefer to see insurance offered on any Set to be offered independently of set management. If insurance is included within a set, how much cover do we include 100% of the set value? In which case we need to mint insurance contracts every time somebody creates new set tokens and somebody has to ensure that DPI created in the past still has insurance cover…

Maybe the website could create an option to purchase insurance from Nexus mutual for each set. Then you can buy say 100 of DPI and insurance for 100 PDI for 12 months as separate transactions.