Department NFT Badges for INDEX coop members

Aloha, Im Crypto Rootz (from youtube)

(please forgive my grammar, im working on it )

I love the idea of the Index co-op and i would like to contribute to the success of this community.
My first idea would be a combination of several emerging crypto trends.
NFTs, NFT farming, Decentralized Governance exclusivity ( dont really know if it is, just kinda made it up, sounds nice…)

If this is suppose to mimic a decentralized blackrock or vanguard,(in-someways) then its best we members have some sort of verification of each other, not in a nazi kinda way but in a tribal/respect/specialized knowledge kinda way.
Departments should be awarded/issued some kind of Badge that represents their role and contribution to INDEX in the form of a high qaulity art NFT based on which department that contribute the most to.

Anyone can hold a governance token but very few people should be able to own a Governance NFT Badge.

MEME set a great example of NFT farming and High quality NFT art.
I feel Index should join the game but with a different flavor.

I also feel it would be a great idea to incentive the graphics designers of index to create high quality unique NFT badges for each department in the form of competitions .

NFT Badges can has several benefits

  1. Prestige / Authority among the community.
  2. Access to certain Community Calls ( the details of whitelisting accounts can be discussed)
  3. NFT badges can be interests bearing , such as avagachis ( maybe a INDEX/ ETH UNI V2 LP token can be staked or unlock once received.)
  4. Can be resold on a secondary market ( there are alot of details of the criteria of selling your badge)
    -----Once you sell your NFT badge you lose your position/ authority in the coop.
    —anyone who buys the badge or is gifted the badge , should have to be voted in by the community if they wish to join.
    — the badge can be “burned” or dismissed by the community if no one is able to fill the position.
    ---- Veteran badges such as retirement with a good honor can be sold for TOP DOLLAR ( on secondary markets.)( or our own Hall of Fame NFT badge market for INDEX OGs)

it would be a motivation incentive for regular members to contribute and work towards earning one, essentially " Effort Farming"

community calls and proposals are cool but if we add high quality nft art it would really make us 3 dimensional.

If this is successful plan on other DAO copyng this idea.

we can also have beginner nft badges as well.

I dont want to go on forever, im just throwing the idea out there.



I know you got a bit of friction in the Discord for this but I like the idea. The community has mainly focused on increasing AUV or functional improvements so far, but there is no reason we can’t look to reward engagement alongside it. The more people that are throwing out ideas and getting involved in the discussion the more beneficial it’ll be for Index Coop.

You’ve probably heard of POAP, might be a good place to start as it’s free and doesn’t require the complexity of designing more than the badge itself. If it’s successful and people want to take it further you could look at something more in-depth later on?



I really like the idea of badges. The main concern that I have is that it requires Index Coop members to disclose their holdings, which is not something that I will vote for.
Unless there is something that I am missing or there is a workaround…


I think it’s a good Idea. Something simple to recognise contributions.

For official positions I would make then none transferable between accounts. Others could be freely transferred / traded.

Linking names to Ethereum addresses is a problem. I’ve come to the conclusion that my hot and cold wallets could be identified by a third person if they tried (in addition any CEX with KYC). I’ve recently spun up a new account for public facing stuff (Groeli ETH for Medalla staking). But my INDEX is in my other wallets. Account privacy is a bitch to get right.

But I’m all for POAP’s / NFT’s for those happy to hold them.

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