Fiat on-ramp & recurring investments

Hello there,

Here is another idea that I would like to share with you. It comes from my own experience as an investor in the ETF world.

Most of the TradFi ETFs intermediaries usually provides retailers with an option to automatically invest some of their FIAT into their fund every day, week or month… like Coinbase does on their retail platform.

I think that recurring fiat on-ramp fits very well with the world of indexes, as it requires resilience to be profitable. This is also a way to attract new customers who do not have the time to study all Available tokens on the market and manage their portfolio over a long period of time.

I assume that adding a fiat on-ramp comes with some constraints, like KYC and such. I also assume that we could delegate this to a third party that manages all these things on behalf of us.

What are you thoughts on this idea ?

Would be happy to spend some time on this project if it finds its audience :ok_hand:


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There are some sleek products like Donut that does this pretty well - agree its a natural fit