Fireblocks Treasury Reward

By convention the Treasury Committee does not include methodologists in the Index Coop Monthly Contributor Reward Distribution. This is because methodologists are compensated via the Methodologist reward program.

Back in April Michael Petch from CoinShares-- methodologist for the CoinShares Crypto Gold Index (CGI)-- got DPI listed as a digital asset on Fireblocks. Fireblocks is a leading institutional digital asset custody provider, and has been critical to onboarding traditional financial institutions and getting listed on centralized exchanges.

The benefit from this Fireblocks listing for DPI has been considerable, not only for the literal custody solution it provides, but also for lending credibility to Index Coop’s flagship product as a market leader.

This post is a sentiment check: the Treasury Committee would like to reward Michael Petch a 200 INDEX bounty for this work.


  • FOR - Award Michael Petch 200 INDEX for Fireblocks listing work.

  • AGAINST - Do not award Michael Petch 200 INDEX for Fireblocks listing work.

  • FOR

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Update here:
Given the positive reception to this sentiment check, the Treasury Committee will be moving forward with rewarding Michael Petch with a 200 INDEX reward for his Fireblocks integration.


@mcgpetch great work and big impact! I’m glad this is moving forward and receiving lots of positive sentiment.