Proposed Allocation to DPI from ARCx Treasury

Hi all,

@HelloShreyas and @schlabach here from Llama, which provides treasury management as a service for DAOs and protocols.

We wanted to share that we’ve proposed a $25k allocation to DPI from ARCx’s treasury. We felt that DPI was a great way for the treasury to get exposure to a range of interesting DeFi assets while keeping things operationally simple.

You can check out the full proposal here: Introducing ARCx Growth Allocation I: Deploy Treasury Productively - Improvement Proposals - ARCx. Would love any thoughts or feedback that Index Coop has!


Nice work, thank you :pray:

We see DPI (and other sector indices) as a key component of any large portfolio including DAO’s who are looking to diversify.


Love it! Thanks @HelloShreyas & @schlabach - great work on this proposal for ARCx and all the leadership y’all are putting forward on treasury management. Let us know if there is anything the Coop community can do!


Appreciate it @jdcook! We definitely expect more collaborations with Index Coop going forward.