First Community Call

Hey all,

After a fantastic first week full of discussions, debates, and proposals, it seems clear that the community needs to have a synchronous call to go over strategy, community on-boarding, and initial key areas that need contributions.

To that end, vote on the times this week that would work best for you to be able to participate in the community call and we can set a time. Ahead of the call, we will also be releasing a draft of what the team thinks the priorities are, but this is only meant to serve as guide rails for the conversation and ultimately the strategy and vision need to be co-created by the community members.

Community Call Times
  • Wednesday 10/14 - 9am PST
  • Wednesday 10/14 - 5pm PST
  • Thursday 10/15 - 9am PST
  • Thursday 10/15 - 5pm PST
  • Friday 10/16 - 9am PST
  • Friday 10/16 - 5pm PST

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