What we're thinking about (Week of 6/14/21)

This post shares what what @dylan, @puniaviision, @setoshi and myself talked about during our most recent Weekly Goal Setting meeting.

The intent is to learn whether this is an effective way to quickly and routinely share more context. The door is open to suggestions and questions :raised_hands:

The thoughts are not fully fleshed out.

Priorities on our minds

  • Clear timeline for SMI
  • Clear timeline for BED
  • Working Group v1.1 structure
  • INDEX Sale #2 Completed
  • MetaGov Delegation Snapshot vote passed (offload from Alex/Felix)
  • Q2 Reflection

Questions we’re considering

  • How do we move forward with the Aave proposal? The PR is not being merged by the aave team.
  • How can we automate the execution of metagovernance votes? executing these votes is not a value-add process.
  • How can we automate a number of the technical operations?

Brutal facts we’re confronting

  • Stress is high, there are a lot of balls in the air. We know we’re the blocker in some areas, and its due to a lack of bandwidth
  • We need to prioritize solving the engineering and product constraints.

@gregdocter The update and transparency is much appreciated - understand the team at Set is working extremely hard and under a lot of pressure.

Glad to hear SMI and BED timelines are both top of mind.

Excited to brainstorm and work with @dylan and rest of team on how the Community can help remove at least some of the Engineering and Product Constraints at tomorrow’s EWG meeting.

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