Flow for recruiting full-time and part-time talent

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The Talent Pod has received a bunch of inbound requests over the last few months from folks looking for guidance on how to recruit new hires to their teams. As such, we’ve created an MVP flow of an internal recruiting process and would love to get feedback on it. This is not meant to be a required process but instead serve as a guide that can be adjusted as needed for specific roles. This is intended for full-time or part-time (monthly stipend) hires and not for one-off or project-based compensation.

Please see the loom for an overview of the proposed flow we’re mocking up in Notion & Typeform:

Looking forward to your questions and feedback,


Hey Lauren! Great work on this flow, I think the process is very clear and thoughtful.

I am very wary of the finnicky process around collecting personal information / sensitive data. Do you think for the resume/CV part we could potentially ask the applicants to remove any identifying information (eg. last name, address, mobile number, etc.)?

Good callout - are you wary because you’re concerned about this data being public to anyone in the nest?

We could definitely add a note in the CV/resume part about removing name, phone, address. Would we also want to remove the q asking for their name at the beginning them? At a bare minimum I suspect we at least need Discord handle so we have some way to contact the candidates if we want to set up an interview.

Hi @Lfeld

Great job setting this up. I don’t really have any feedback. I just want to know when you plan to have this fully online so we can kick off some hiring.

Thank you :pray:


We’re ready to start piloting with a few roles, if you have any open you’re recruiting for?

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Will message you on discord

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