The sCoop - Contributor Newsletter - Tuesday 2022.04.19

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Monday saw the return of the Biweekly Standup, with updates from all Nests and a spotlight on Community Pod. Tuesday’s Product Checkpoint walked the Owls through upcoming launches, including one in the very, very near future. AKA, tomorrow.

Tomorrow, look forward to hearing from the Council and learning about what HiveWise can do for Owl Levels, including a general discussion on Owl Levels as well in the Leadership Forum. After, we’re launching a product! Join us in Twitter Spaces and Discord to celebrate.





80% increase in message activity. Thanks, icETH!

Biweekly Standup | slides

First, a core KPI review by @anthonyb.eth, highlighting $17M+ in N$F in the last 3 weeks, largely on account of $icETH.

  • Mainnet

    • AUM: $211.8M
    • Revenue Weekly: $62K
  • Polygon

    • AUM: $3.6M
    • Revenue Weekly: $2.2K

Product Nest kicked us off with some updates on operational changes. They’re working with Set to transition rebalancing to IC, a major Engineering effort. Last week, they withdrew $250k USDC from zigzag last week to redeploy against future product launches. (We have sold between 40-80% of the inventory we sent them so far—exciting!). They’re in continued conversations with Balancer to understand technical capabilities and timelines.

Next up: Growth, whose Mid-season 1 review is underway. Good updates from BD: Index Coop was listed on ZenGo as recommended Dapp. Coinbase Wallet listing form submitted. If you missed last week’s super insightful Marketing Mix Modeling presentation, check out the presentation here and recording here. Also check out the IIP post regarding the incorporation of Index Coop.

Successes from Community Nest from the last week: Owl Pulse Survey has been reviewed internally and will be distributed soon; a formal leave, performance review, and conflict management process has been drafted; and a Community Engagement process was rolled out for icETH, including live events and meme competition. We’ll see similar for $JPG launch, and a fully fleshed-out, cross-Nest version for $SOCIAL launch. Community is in chats with BD and Product about redesigning Notion to improve as a CRM.

And, Community Pod spotlight: They’re pivoting toward focusing our attention on non-contributors, creating a more engaged community with the belief that strong community base will result in greater product adoption. They’re looking at data-driven decisions, and co-creating a dashboard with Forefront to reflect our vibrant community.

Some Discord stats:

  • in the last month, 28% of new joiners talked for the first time (people are active!) this is up from 9% the month previous.
  • 80% increase in message activity from beginning of march until beginning of April. 420 messages a day to 791.
  • Community managers have walked people through customer buying journey in real time on our app multiple times.

As for onboarding, welcomes are less about “how to be a contributor” and more about informing and educating new joiners about our product and how to get involved in the community. We’ve axed the Copper Owl Quest in favor of some different-colored feather owls (look out for this!).

Finance Nest has created an Expense Policy! In other docs, March budget vs actuals and this week, the quarterly report slide deck will be published. We’re still trying to unlock a debt deal with DebtDAO.

Lastly, Governance Nest. #INDEX CG circulating supply has been fixed! They’re working on executing Alt Gov framework, with major blockers being NFT distribution. And keep an eye on the bounty board!

Pronunciation Wars Part 2: Jay Pee Gee or Jay Peg

Product Checkpoint | slides

Coming up: $JPG: The NFT Index. Our first composite product since January 2022 and highly requested composite product. on market surveys since October 2021. @caf designed an NFT drop with it, Contributooors. More on that soon.

Our Product Roadmap includes 4 upcoming products estimated for launch by the end of May: JPG, MNY, SOCIAL, and FIXED. Remember, product launches are not guaranteed until they’re in development (meaning JPG and MNY are guaranteed thus far) and the roadmap is subject to change.

Not much has changed on liquidity statuses since last week. icETH has found liquidity “market fit” as in other LPs have come in to do heavy lifting. Our treasury is providing $450k for medium-long-term support, and they’re preparing for deployment to zk<>zigzag<>argent. For JPG, we will deploy $200k, up from the initial $100k, split evenly between a full range G-UNI pool (aka the retail pool) and a narrow range G-UNI pool. Liquidity details on MNY, FIXED, and SOCIAL are also available on the slides.

Finally, some updates on market research. We’re using primary research of reputable institutions, on-chain data, customer interviews, and surveys to investigate three questions:

  1. Who are our customers? (Using icETH data)
  2. What chain should we deploy on next?
  3. What yield products should we focus on?

Wednesday Meetings: (UTC)
1800 - Leadership Forum
1900 - Twitter Spaces Launch Event
2000 - Discord Lanch Event

Thursday Meetings: (UTC/1-hr, UON)
1500 - Governance Nest
1800 - Community Welcome Orientation Call
1900 - Growth Nest

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