Governance Nest North Stars

Authors: @mel.eth @sixtykeys @shawn16400

On 5.16.22 during the Index Coop weekly stand up, the Governance Nest presented the “North Stars of Governance” which outlined what the we in Governance collectively believe about Web3 and the Index Coop, what principles we will strive to uphold, and our commitments to the Index Coop.

On 5.23.22 we recognized a gap in our principles and added a fourth principle:.
collaboration > competition

We added this principle to guide how we behave internally and externally. The foundation of this principle is that web3 is not a zero sum game - the network effect is real and every relationship made stronger between nodes improves the total network. Recognizing that competition is the backbone of capitalism & traditional business, behaving according to this new principle will be a challenge. But, nobody ever said building this new paradigm was going to be easy.

We welcome your feedback as we continue to evolve as a Nest - and please hold us accountable if we misstep.