The sCoop - Contributor Newsletter - 2022.05.26 Thursday

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The Owls kept it quiet for the first half of the week. On Wednesday, they were back at it with big presentations from IC Councilmembers delivering plans for Growth<>Product Strategy and Season 2 planning. On Thursday, Gov Nest’s Season 1 Retro.

Tomorrow, see ya for sCoop Weekly.


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Goals on goals on goals

Leadership Forum recording

We’ve got a big one today. @DevOnDeFi is talking Product-Growth Strategy.

First, the lowdown from Product Nest. They’re focused on building:

  • 3 Diversified Stable Yield Inidices (Low, Medium, & High)
  • 1 Diversified ETH Yield Index
  • 1 BTC Yield Product
  • Yield strategies that support these products (FIXED, ySTABLE, MNYe, yETH, etc.)

They’re pausing all Thematic/Sector Indices. Product also identified 4 target customers, in order of priority

  1. Whales
  2. Treasuries
  3. High Net-Worth Individuals (HNWs)
  4. Mainstream Passive Investors (Retail)

Growth is building their plan on this. They’ve identified 7 customer groups to target, separated by onchain (whales, crypto natives, and DAOs/dApps) and offchain (HNWs, Retail, Intermediaries, and agile institutions). In all, we’re continuing to target Onchain customers but increasingly target Offchain customers. Why?

  • Their markets are significantly larger.
  • They already use index products, TradFi as they are.
  • We have an index product listing at a Tier 1 CEX and we’re incorporating
  • We have a successful mobile app partner in Argent

We’ve got an enlarged Growth team to do it:

In conclusion, LFG.

Next up: @catjam with Season 1 → Season 2 Transition. Season 1 ends July 31, 2022. Season 2 starts August 1, 2022.

  • Off-season: The proposal process has been made easier and as a result, we’re not taking a collective break. Business as usual in the month of July.
  • Budget: Deep budget cuts not expected. ICC will provide Nest Leads with a specific budget to work from in rather than the nest proposing a budget. @anthonyb.eth is leading w consult from F.Nest.
  • Org. Structure: We’re getting Nests with broad responsibility to reduce silos and manage budgets more effectively. This means Community, Governance, and Finance.
  • Other goals: Clear definition of roles. Clear planning process usable in future seasons.

A quick calendar:

  • June 7: S1 Stepback Event @ Leadership Forum
  • June 5: Budget, KPIs, & Nest Structure Review @ Leadership Forum
  • June 20 - July 15: Nest Proposals
  • TBA: Index Coop Social (put on by event extraordinaire @0xMitz)

A time for reflection

Governance Nest - Season 1 Retro

Gov Nest used this session to review actuals compared to Season 1 Proposal.

While it wasn’t mentioned in the proposal, Gov Nest added GovComms, led by @shawn16400, in addition to GovOps and MetaGov Pods. We now have monthly reporting, something we’ve never had before. GovComms Pod is likely to remain a staple of Gov Nest.

Ops Pod established a transparent IIP governance process that any contributor can follow within the community handbook. They also transitioned toward enabling more community members to manage their own IIPs over time.

MetaGov Pod is aimed at ensuring metagov voting rights are utilized and growing awareness of IC’s metagov influence. Metrics will be updated ASAP.

Now, Contributors. Core was Lead @mel.eth with Silver Owls @shawn16400 and @sixtykeys. Others for S1 include @puncar, @Lavi, @asira, and @pujimak_in. This means Gov has a single priority hire with the rest being flexible contributors.

Lastly, finances. Season 1 forecast, with 2 months left, is $110,000. Actual to date is $65,975. They’re on track for a slight underspend. Follow along as they complete their documented retro.

Tuesday Meetings: (UTC)
1400- Product Checkpoint
1500 - Money Talks on Discord
1600 - BiWeekly Standup

Daily TROWLLpha: “if your girlfriend stays with you during the bear market, you have product market fit” - @0xgaut



Hi All,

Please see our weekly update on the community holdings. Index Coop is generating 24.4% of its revenue, post methodologist share, from the Investment and Operations Account.

Note: This excluded the ETH debt and icETH/ETH protocol owned liquidity position which is fully hedged, revenue generating and should earn SPICE rewards when Arrakis launches soon.