Hiring - Head of Analytics

Today we are kicking off hiring for an analytics lead, using the Index Coop Hiring Guidelines v1 to determine the format. Thanks to @gregdocter or laying the groundwork for this new process.

Hiring team: @DarkForestCapital, @BigSky7, @Overanalyser

Need: Head of Analytics


  • The Index Coop’s long-term success relies on high-quality, data-driven decision making to shape our protocol strategy. Data drives everything from prospective product demand & current product usage, to revenue breakdown, voter participation, and more.
  • While the AWG has been impactful, locking down a long-term, full-time contributor who is committed to ensuring the Coop is making data-driven decisions will set the Coop up for long-term success. This aligns with one of our core principles, being ‘data driven, community governed’.
  • Institutional memory and context is also important, having someone long-term gives stability to the Coop and advantages to our data construction. Understanding/anticipating Coop’s needs is easier with context built up over time.
  • We build a lot of marketing on the back of data, meaning analytics is another tool to leverage for growth. We could use someone who builds credibility in the space to push this content and represent the Coop externally as a leader.
  • Strong leadership is needed to build an Analytics team into a core competency that will drive long-term success.
  • By making this position full time, we align the goals of the Coop and the contributor.
  • Note: This is not mutually exclusive of hiring engineering talent. There is work being done to solidify a scorecard(s) for engineering roles as that is a clear need.

Compensation: Precedent was set by the first cohort @ $5k and 0.15% of token supply over 2 years. This is a starting point and open to negotiation depending on individual circumstances.

Scorecard: Head of Analytics

The scorecard details how this role will contribute to the success of the Index Coop, and the core competencies a successful candidate is expected to demonstrate.

Next Steps:

  • Potential applicants should fill out this Google Form.

  • Applications will close 5 days after this post.

  • The hiring team will review applications against the scorecard. If further information or resolution is needed, applicants may be asked to interview.

  • It’s expected that first time through we may find some gaps in the process, any improvements will be noted and shared to iterate for the next round.


@DarkForestCapital @BigSky7 @overanalyser

Glad to see this hit the forum!

For what it’s worth, I worked as Data Scientist and then as a Data Science Manager for 2 years leading a team of 5 Data Scientists that built data products purchased by some of the largest banks in the world.

As a former hiring manager, a key component of my talent development philosophy is promoting people who are already doing the work.

It is evidently clear to me that @jdcook has been doing superior Analytics work for the Index Cooperative as the leader of the Analytics Working Group for the past 6+ months.

Here was my comment on @jdcook’s most recent AWG funding proposal:

While I am happy to see an open application process, in my view the Index Cooperative would be making a massive mistake by not hiring @jdcook from “within” the Coop for the Head of Analytics role.

He’s the current Analytics Working Group leader and he’s doing a great job.

Let’s negotiate a compensation package that aligns @jdcook with the Index Cooperative for the long-term.


It’s really great to see this new job post format and methodology. BigSky-like exciting.

And, more importantly there’s one obvious question…

… why not @jdcook for this role? @Thomas_Hepner lays it out well.

If Plato applies for this role, and he’s done a Stats PhD and 10,000 hours in Dune since, ok - maybe JD gets trumped.

Other than that, I think ‘JD IS OUR MAN!’

Good luck JD.



A quick update on our progress to date:

  1. Applications have been received, and then @DarkForestCapital, @BigSky7 and myself have reviewed individually and as a group.
  2. Following the review we agreed to offer the position to a candidate based on the current FT package ($5,000 per month + 15,000 INDEX vested over 2 years).
  3. After considering our offer, the candidate has replied with a counter offer.
  4. As both @DarkForestCapital and @BigSky7 are FT contributors, and so could be indirectly affected by the final negotiated package for Head of Analytics, they have asked to be recused from the package negotiations to avoid any appearance of a potential conflict of interest.
  5. Therefore, I will be coordinating with other senior members of INDEXcoop to continue the negotiations with the candidate.

One additional note:

In the past, I have been involved in the hiring of both junior staff and company directors. Doing this within a DAO changes the process a little. It is my intention to try and pick a middle ground between the openness of a DAO, maintaining individual confidentiality, and acting in a professional way to all candidates (successful or not).

I will endeavour to keep the coop informed as things progress.


This is still progressing, and I hope to have a formal announcement before the Wednesday Org call.