icETH additions

Currently icETH invests in:

  • ETH
  • stETH, which I assume is actually wstETH, as otherwise I’m under the impressipn with stETH rewards must be self claimed after the merge

It would be cool if it invested in all the various staking tokens such as:

  • stETH/wstETH (Lido, already supported)
  • rETH (Rocket Pool)
  • sETH2 (Stakewise)

And allocated proportions based on the typical index coop magic.

From my reading today, it seems Stakewise has solved some issues affecting Lido (staking queue projected to cause decreased APR) and Rocket Pool (staking queue causing decreased supply of rETH).

Comparison reading

Welcome to the forum Benjamin. We have a rETH/stETH Yearn vault on our roadmap but haven’t considered sETH2. We’ll factor that in.

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stakewise splits its token into sETH2 and rETH2 (the actual staking reward), defiantly a bit different than rETh and (w)stETH from a tokenomic prospective.


Hey, I’m the BizDev Lead at StakeWise! It would be great to explore options to diversify icETH.

We actually have a new Curve pool between sETH2 / stETH which should be up and running in ~1 week with a Yearn vault following very shortly after. Happy to keep you in the loop with updates @JosephKnecht if you’re looking to add such vaults.


gm @Jstar will the pool be between sETH2 and stETH or wstETH, if the wrapped version will it be CurveV2 to account for the drift between the values?

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Here is their stETH sETH2 curve proposal if that helps:

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I’d be super excited to add RocketPools rETH to icETH to further support the decentralization of Ethereum.

I’m a little leery now about how much staking Lido controls.

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