icETH Starknet Foundation airdrop

There’s a lot of moving parts involved in this but it seems that if Lido claim their $STRK, then icETH holders should be eligible.
Bankless reference - link

Is the Coop investigating/supporting this? Can the community assist?

Happy to repost if this is the wrong place to file this.

Liking the look of the Coop’s start to 2024 btw.


Hey good to see an old friend! :slight_smile: We will defo take a look and confirm.



I noticed that labelled pooled and custodial stakers allocated more than 1 million STRK must commit to distributing them. Lido would surely fall into that category. Link to highlight

However, unless I have become rally bad at search, I can’t find anything from Lido on this. There are a few mentions of Nethermind as a Lido node operator selling off just under a million, but seems unclear.