IIP-146: Reduce $icETH Fees Pre-launch

IIP: 146

Title: Reduce $icETH Fees Pre-launch

Status: Proposed

Author: @allan.g

Reviewer: @DocHabanero, @afromac

Gov Review: @sixtykeys

Created: 30th March 2022

Simple Summary

The Product Pod would like to reduce the fees outlined in the $icETH Proposal ahead of launch.


In the original IIP for launching icETH, the following fees were proposed and confirmed via governance vote:

Streaming Fee: 0.90% or 90 bps
Mint Fee: 0.15% or 15 bps
Redeem Fee: 0.35% or 35 bps

After conducting additional market research and collecting feedback from core customer categories, we would like to propose that each of these fees be reduced to…

Streaming Fee: 0.75% or 75 bps
Mint Fee: 0% or 0 bps
Redeem Fee: 0.25% or 25 bps

Reducing these fees will lead to a higher net yield for icETH token holders via the reduced streaming fee, a lower barrier to entry for those looking to mint / issue, and a lower barrier to exit for those looking to redeem rather than sell on secondary markets.

Author Background and Commitment

The Product Pod is responsible for designing, developing, and deploying index products for the Index Coop, as well as managing and maintaining products post-launch. Core team members of the Product Pod have also been supporting, operating, and refining Set’s leverage token infrastructure for over a year.


Copyright and related rights waived via CC0 .


@GovNest can you please review this proposal, assign an IIP number, and begin the countdown to vote?

Would like to request the vote begin on Friday, April 1st.

cc @mel.eth @sixtykeys


Hey @allan.g , a GovRep has been assigned and tagged under ‘Gov Review’ at the top of this proposal.


Hey @allan.g , an IIP number (146) has been assigned for this proposal, it will be live on snapshot as soon as the 48 hour discussion period has elapsed (today April 1st at 2130 UTC), to run for 72 hours up until Monday, 4th April 2022, 2130 UTC.
Apologies for any concerns I might have caused, working as best as I can to meet your requested timeline for this vote while following the governance process the GovNest has outlined here.

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Snapshot vote is officially live and can be found here.


Confirming that this vote has passed with 202k INDEX (100%) voting FOR. :white_check_mark:
Snapshot here

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