IIP-161: Reduce MNYe Fees

IIP: 161
Title: Reduce MNYe Fees
Status: Proposed
Author: @kindeagle
Reviewer: @funkmasterflex @afromac

Date: 11/07/2022

Simple Summary

This proposal presents the opportunity to INDEX holders to reduce the MNYe Redeem fee from 30bps to 0bps


The current fee structure of MNYe is as shown below:

Streaming Fee: 95bps
Mint Fee: 0bps
Redeem Fee: 30bps

After additional market research and collecting feedback from core customer categories, we would like to propose that each of these fees be reduced to…

Streaming Fee: 95bps
Mint Fee: 0bps
Redeem Fee: 0bps

Reducing these fees will lead to a better user experience whereby users don’t forgo weeks/months of accrued yield when redeeming the MNYe position.


Market research has indicated one of the largest barriers to purchasing our products at size is the redeem fees. This proposal removes the redeem fee and will enable the product to more accurately track the Net Asset Value (NAV) as arbitrage traders do not need to allow for the redeem fee upon interacting with the exchange issuance module.

After further market validation, we believe that reducing the redeem fee will have a positive impact on N$F from large buyers and protocol integrations. Large buyers, whether whales, hedge funds, DAOs, or asset managers have shown pushback on the mint/redeem fees and the effect of the fee on product yield.


MNYe fees will be amended to reflect the below. This change will be implemented by @edwardk’s team shortly after the proposal passes a community snapshot vote.

Streaming Fee: 95bps
Mint Fee: 0bps
Redeem Fee: 0bps


FOR: Eliminate 30 basis points Redeem Fee for MYNe in accordance with the specification.

AGAINST: Make no change to MNYe fee structure.


Copyright and related rights waived via CC0 .


Fully in favor of this fee change!

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This vote is schedule to begin in 24 hours:

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This vote has successfully passed and the redeem fee will be eliminated for MNYe.


Upon further investigation, updating the redemption fee will require more engineering effort than expected. As a result, we will proceed with the MNYe launch with the original redeem fee in place (30bps) and eliminate the fee as soon as possible after launch.


The redemption fee was removed as of 8/10/22 after replacing the Fee Split Extension contract.

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