Index Coop tokens in USA

I’ve owned a few various index tokens over the past few years, and still do actually. What is the issue now, did the US ban them or is this cya? I’m totally confused.


Hi there @Mellowcat, thanks for reaching out.

Index Coop restricts its products from Restricted Persons, as defined in our Terms of Service, based on professional advice. As defined therein, a Restricted Person includes a citizen, resident (tax or otherwise), and/or green card holder of the United States of America, or a person in any jurisdiction in which such offer, sale, and/or purchase of Index Coop token products is unlawful, prohibited, or unauthorized. If you are a Restricted Person, you may not purchase or otherwise acquire Index Coop token products.

Our website restricts trading of these tokens by Restricted Person. All website users, including Restricted Person, must read our Terms of Service and list of Tokens Restricted for US Persons before complying with them.


Hi @marshmellow,

Do you have any recommendations for people in the US that own tokens prior to the change? Is INDEX working on approval for these in the US?