Crypto Newbie please help re: IndexCoop

Hi All,

Posting here because all the links on the Index Coop website to Discord come back with ‘Invalid Invite’

So-…I managed to navigate crypto well enough to onboard via, create a Metamask wallet, shift crypto over to the wallet, and then buy IndexCoop tokens. I bought DPI, MVI, and DATA. I added the tokens to my wallet so they are visible on the polygon chain within metamask.

Today I connected my Metamask to IndexCoop, and tried to sell my tokens for ETH. However when I look at my transactions in Metamask, all I see is: ‘Approve MVI spend limit’ ’ Approve DPI spend limit’ and ’ Approve DATA spend limit’… I did approve the transaction within Metamask after initiating on the IdexCoop app, so I am wondering what is going on…

When I look in my assets page on Metamask, the DPI, MVI, and DATA tokens are still showing, and there is no change in ETH.

Unfortunately there is zero guidance and/or contacts on the Index Coop website, and I can’t access the Discord to ask either, because the invite is invalid.

Any help folks can provide (IndexCoop reps or otherwise) would be greatly appreciated. I think I dipped my toes too deep in the waters this time lol…


Hey Codetrance,

Don’t be to hard on yourself, MetaMask isn’t the most intuitive user experience, I have a hunch you approved the transaction did not confirm it. (But I could be wrong) You’ll need to sign 2 tractions per token to complete the purchase, but I can help you sort it out.

Link to our discord, click on the hyper link in step 2 of our in joiner form, that will get you started

I’m Skaha on discord, DM when you drop in and I’ll try and help you get this sorted out.