Index Coop Weekly Flyer

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This flyer is absolutely amazing. Great stuff. Should definitely help with the growth of Index

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Months and months of hard work and dedication pays off as revenue to date breaks $1M

Next stop $10M LG!

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Week #26

Here is where we stand this week at the 2021 halfway mark.

Bearish price action continues. Knock effect shown in Weekly Revenue.
Bulls take advantage and continue to load up on Index Coop products.

Q3 LG!


Week #27

Bulls back with a bang this week as price action sees positive gains after weeks of heavy selling pressure. The huge rebound in underlying assets pushes MVI higher with Axie Infinity posting a ~150% WoW gain! The good MVI news keeps on coming as unit supply growth leads this weeks scoreboard.

DPI and MVI monthly rebalances completed :white_check_mark:

The rate of increasing wallet addresses doubles from the usual 1% to 2%

Data Economy Index aka DATA continues its journey through the pipeline.


:love_you_gesture: @sver , I know I don’t need to flag this but I enjoy doing it anyway. Looks like some solid performance on there this week :muscle:

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A mixed bag this week as the markets still unsure of direction.

In house some nice key milestone numbers are:
$MVI unit supply breaks the 100k mark.
Total wallet addresses break 20k

The positivity doesn’t stop there as new products $BED and $DATA sat in the pipeline for a while, make material moves towards existance.



Bad news: The bears are back in town.

Good news: Unit supply and new wallet address growth continues to hold steady.

More good news: Product pipeline growth hits a new all time high (probably) as a flurry of new, and improved proposals hit the in tray.



What a difference a week makes.

The AXS +120% weekly price momentum continues to push MVI higher with TVK, SAND, and REVV all posting +40-60% gains also.

ETH has broken out of its downward trendline and the RSI is in neutral/positive territory for the first since the big drawdown around a month ago.

Not quite as strong but it’s a similar scene over on the BTC charts. :nerd_face:

DPI is still historically undervalued in ETH terms begging the question wen bounce-back?

Talking of BTC, ETH & DPI… the BED index finally kicks off with over $1M TVL off the bat and liquidity on v3 is looking healthy. Congratulations to everyone involved!

The simmering unit supply growth approaches a nice boil. And weekly wallet address growth doubles from 2% to 4% :muscle:

With all that good news, weekly revenue recovers from the recent lower figures with a +30% boost.

Will the bullishness last? That is the question. :crossed_fingers:



All bull and no bear this week as all products post positive price gains.

Those who got into BED last week are resting comfy on a 17% gain.

The surge in BTC and ETH has lit up the FLI suit.

Wallet address and weekly revenue are also green.

Finally the real alpha this week was the Index token itself recovering back to ~$30



Last week’s hot market gets hotter. Dead cat bounce or second leg up?

ETH2x-FLI gets back above $100

ETH2x-FLI Volatility brings in the majority of this weeks revenue

P10 enters the product pipeline



Another strong week
New weekly user growth rate hits 3%
MVI back above $100



Despite the last-minute BTC pump this week, non-BTC products finished relatively flat.

Slightly calmer conditions are reflected in the weekly revenue after last week’s FLI mint/redeem volumes.

DATA passes DG2 and LDI passes DG1!



The screenshot is back after a bit of a technical glitch last week.

Only a slight drift down in the FLI suit unit supply’s deny us the full green sweep.

VC’s jumping into INDEX on market result in large upswings.


With the exception of MVI, last weeks healthy uptick in unit supplies confirms the usual. People bought the dip.

Visor and UMA adding BED to their treasuries leading to the new treasury diversification narrative. :eyes:

New metric “Net Dollar Inflows” shows aggregate volume = $34.1m, our 2nd best week ever since $37.8m back in May!

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Robot Index : IROBOT :hourglass_flowing_sand:Awaiting DG2 :wink:


My apologies ser. Have limited room, will be on there next week! :slight_smile:


No problem at all, realize the space is a constraint

Screenshot took a much-needed break but is back and feeling fresh :sunglasses:

Bullish price momentum across the board.

Meanwhile the pipeline now almost has as many products awaiting launch as we have live products! :water_buffalo:


Bon Dia frens :portugal:

Almost a clean green sweep this week! Just looking like a few users taking profits on ETH2x-FLI sightly reducing the supply.