Index Coop Weekly Flyer

Week #13

Welcome to the Index Weekly Flyer! A one-page summary designed to complement the newsletter and the other fantastic content being produced by members of the Coop.

Intended to be an informative and convenient one-stop-shop for everything both new and veteran members should need to keep track of where we have come from, where we are now and the exciting future we are heading in together! Enjoy…

For working links please see PDF here
Index Flyer Week 13 2021.pdf (472.2 KB)


A lot of amazing things happening in our community. Really exciting stuff! @MrMadila Great work as usual. You should share this on the discord unless you already do. This flyer is already en route to my linkedIn! :man_technologist:t5:

This is brilliant! A great snapshot showing the huge progress being made!

Week #14 + Screenshot

Working links on PDF :point_down:

Index Flyer Week 14 2021.pdf (483.8 KB)


Week #15 + Screenshot

Index Flyer Week 15 2021.pdf (328.4 KB)

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Looking good! MVI off to a good start

Week #16 + Screenshot for sharing on socials.

Index Flyer Week 16 2021.pdf (311.9 KB)