Index Coop Weekly Flyer

Week #13

Welcome to the Index Weekly Flyer! A one-page summary designed to complement the newsletter and the other fantastic content being produced by members of the Coop.

Intended to be an informative and convenient one-stop-shop for everything both new and veteran members should need to keep track of where we have come from, where we are now and the exciting future we are heading in together! Enjoy…

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A lot of amazing things happening in our community. Really exciting stuff! @MrMadila Great work as usual. You should share this on the discord unless you already do. This flyer is already en route to my linkedIn! :man_technologist:t5:

This is brilliant! A great snapshot showing the huge progress being made!

Week #14 + Screenshot

Working links on PDF :point_down:

Index Flyer Week 14 2021.pdf (483.8 KB)


Week #15 + Screenshot

Index Flyer Week 15 2021.pdf (328.4 KB)


Looking good! MVI off to a good start

Week #16 + Screenshot for sharing on socials.

Index Flyer Week 16 2021.pdf (311.9 KB)

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Week #17


Investors buying the dips this week. $DPI, $FLI, $MVI Prices down, but circulations push higher still.

FLI trading revenue keeping the numbers positive despite TVL dipping from the market sell-off.

Index Flyer Week 17 2021.pdf (316.7 KB)


Really like those flyers. It’s a n Amazing TLDR to be up to date.

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Investors who bought the dips last week have been rewarded with bumper price gains throughout the week!

FLI trading revenues continue to tear away.

DPI unit supply stays stable but prices hit all-time highs.

MVI market cap crosses $6m for the first time.

Fun fact: 50% of Index Coop revenue has been made in just the last 6 weeks!

Index Flyer Week 18 2021.pdf (321.6 KB)

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ETH breaks $3k and $4k in the same week making it an exceptional time to be 2x leveraged in ETH2x-FLI as shown by a 100% increase in market cap.

DPI gets a bump in circulation and MVI shows FLI it doesn’t need the hype to be popular matching its gains in % terms!

$INDEX finally catches a bid after trailing the strong week-on-week gains seen across TVL, active wallet addresses and Weekly Revenue.

Index Flyer Week 19 2021.pdf (377.4 KB)


*Please note this is LAST week’s data. It does not include this week’s fun and games!
My bad for getting it out late. Normal service will be resumed next week.

Markets weak across the board.

Steady unit supply across all products kept most of the product market caps in the green and revenue growth green all around.

$INDEX still sensitive to wider market sentiment despite the relative strength of revenue generation and AUM.

New product BTC2x-FLI off to a strong start with almost $5M AUM in just 7 days

Index Flyer Week 20 2021.pdf (515.6 KB)


Blood on the streets this week as we see huge drawdowns across all market sectors. :grimacing:

Despite the volatility, users continue to buy more as seen in the Unit Supply increases.

ETH2x - FLI hits supply cap showing continued strong demand for leverage. Product trading at a premium to NAV until the supply cap is lifted or the market re-adjusts.

$INDEX sees a sharp fall in line with the market.

Index Flyer Week 21 2021.pdf (512.5 KB)

On holiday so just the screenshot this week. :beach_umbrella: :sunglasses:

DPI continues to see healthy progress as unit supply maintains it’s recent upward trend.

ETH2x-FLI premium over NAV fades as the supply cap is lifted.

New analysis this week shows MVI capturing 0.12% of the value of its own constituent market caps otherwise know as “market capture”. For reference, DPI has a current market capture of 0.49%

Further market weakness impacts BTC2x-FLI

$INDEX regains some ground after last week’s sell-off. Are savvy investors taking notice of the steady value of revenue to date despite the market volatility? :man_shrugging:


Looking good, @MrMadila!

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Flyer under maintenance for the re-branding so just the screenshot again this week.

Almost a full green week with just a tiny dip in the BTC2x-FLI unit supply putting out a red print. Low vol on BTC2x_FLI also drags weekly revenue down from last week’s number.

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@sver here you go! One for the ES channel -

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Shout out to @Martin for the new paint job!

Despite the continued market bearishness wallet addresses, revenue, and unit supply growth are still trending in the right direction.

BED Index finally passes DG2!

Will next week’s revenue to date break the $1m mark? Watch this space!


@sver a new format! Can you do the banner text in Spanish or should design do it?

Text in the banner can be edited on the slide :+1:

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