INDEX Delegation

Hi everyone,

A quick note from us at 1kx:

1kx is community-first. We believe decentralized organizations thrive when their most active and informed community members are empowered in the governance process.

As such, we would like to delegate some of our voting rights back to the contributors of the Coop.

Initially, we propose delegating approximately 6.2k INDEX to each Wise Owl. These Owls have been recognized as impactful individuals that offer highly contextualized perspectives on matters pertaining to the DAO. We believe delegating power to them is aligned with the community’s vision.

In the future, we plan to expand delegation of these rights to other key stakeholder groups as well, such as Nest Coordinators, independent student organizations, and more.

We value the community’s opinion and understand that open and transparent governance is vital to fostering trust. If the community agrees that this delegation would be useful, we will begin delegating to the Wise Owls come January.

We hope that other investors will follow our lead, especially if they are not currently participating in the voting process. Improving the ability of contributors to reach a quorum is essential to the proper functioning of the organization.

If you have any feedback or suggestions, please let us know below.


I’m grateful that your community is working intentionally through distributing governance power in parallel to ours. Should this come to pass I’ll endeavor to be a responsible steward of your voice in the shape of this organization on behalf of the contributors I’m working for.

As always, if the GovOps WG can be of operational assistance please drop us a note here or on discord. Thank you for your active participation in governance to date; your feedback both on and off of snapshot is a gift.