INDEX listing on DeFi Pulse

The DeFi Pulse website is one of the best places to get an overview of DeFi and to learn about individual DeFi projects. Some projects have a dedicated page, providing an overview and a few key stats.
The INDEX Coop itself, however, is not listed on the DFP website. Similar projects like PieDAO on the other hand are (link). It seems that currently, the DPI is part of Set Protocol (link).

Being on DFP is a good way to get more exposure, it can be a first touchpoint with INDEX for new people and lets us place links to our website. DFP is also a top result on google when searching for DeFi. Not to mention the partnership between DFP and INDEX.

Hence, I’d like to get the ball rolling to get INDEX listed on DFP. Has anyone in the community experience with the process or already prepared anything around this?

Please comment if you have any inputs to support this exercise (or concerns).


I agree @Lavi, DeFI pulse is many people’s first step into DeFi and having visibility there is important. I’m sure they would be happy to accommodate based on our strong existing relationship.

The trick is probably to stay out of the actual Index so Index doesnt throw off DPI.



@Celey can you expand on your comments in the call today.

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