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Hi everyone,

Hello all,
For me it would make sense to list IndexCoop on to increase the visibility of the coop.

You can find the exact criteria here Listing Criteria - Crypto Fees.

There is also a form linked, in this one must answer the following questions:

What is the project’s name?*

Index Coop

What’s the project’s primary website?*

Who are you? How should we get in contact with you?*

Please include name, relationship to project, as well as email/Telegram.


Project criteria

These questions are used to determine the eligibility of a project for listing on

How does your project collect fees?*

For example, “Uniswap pools collect 0.3% of each trade as a fee”


How are these fees distributed? What parties receive a share of the fees?*

Please be detailed. For example “Uniswap currently directs all fees to liquidity providers of the pools used in the transaction. The UNI token holders can vote to redirect ⅙ of the fees to the governance (so 0.25% goes to liquidity providers & 0.05% to governance)”


How can a user join the project and receive a share of fees?*


What are the current estimated daily fees?*


Fee data source

Is there a reliable source of data for the fees collected in the previous day and 7 days (UTC time)*

Many Ethereum projects use The Graph Protocol for this data, while many L1 chains use CoinMetrics


Is this data source independently operated, or run by the project team?*

Independent public sources are preferred, but private sources may be allowed on a case-by-case basis

o Independently operated (The Graph, CoinMetrics, etc)

o Run by team

You see for some questions I need help :slight_smile:

all the best


We need this definitely ASAP! good suggestion.

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Index Coop does not meet the criteria here Listing Criteria - Crypto Fees

3. Fees are designed to incentivize adding value to the protocol
4. Any user may join the protocol to earn a share of fees
5. If some fees accrue to a project treasury, it must be less than 33% of total fees

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Thanks Crews.
I was sceptical about the criteria, too.
Here are my thoughts

  1. could be anything. Could also fit for Index
  2. any user can join the protocol, but is not able to get a share of the fees. At the moment, but this can be changed via governance proposal and successful vote at any time, right?
  3. Are all the fees are going to the treasury at the moment?


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agree #3 kind of just sounds like an open ended wagmi statement

your assessment of #4 is correct

#5, yes all fees currently go to treasury. some is then used for protocol-owned liquidity which leads us back to #3