Q&A with Monolith wallet - crowdsourcing feedback

Hey guys,

We are doing some work with the Monolith wallet and are starting off with a piece of content. They have sent through an interview/Q&A doc for us to fill out.

I really enjoyed how Bankless approached the community response to Lyn Alden’s article on Ethereum by crowdsourcing comments. I thought we should do the same here.

Here’s the link. Feel free to go in and add your thoughts & comments. I took a stab at the questions but didn’t get a chance to look at cross-chain indices yet.

That’s a cool interview that gets across what the coop is all about. Love it! I’ve left a few comments on things that I thought might run smoother, but that’s all. Looking forward to the Monolith interview!

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thanks Gavin, I incorporated some of your comments and edits :+1: much appreciated.

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@verto0912 this is a great interview and should be required reading for all new Index members!

As we continue to message across platforms we need to make it very clear and very catchy that greater AUM = greater fees to Index. This concept is at the core of our value proposition.

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