Lost funds? I need a leader of proyect Index

Hello, I own this direction DELETED

I was in the firt Liquidity Mining of Index with DPI but in the migration of V2 to V3 of Uniswap I “burned” my coins. In metamask appears how “1.091UNI-V2” but it hasn´t liquity to exchange to anything, price is 0$, but in etherscan appears “Token Uniswap DPI/ETH LP Token Uniswap 1.091 DPI/ETH LP 1662.81$” I think that I need a leader of this proyect to solve this problem, or maybe I lost my funds? thanks.

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It looks like all you did was withdraw your LP tokens from the staking contract. You should be able to see your liquidity on https://app.uniswap.org/#/pool/v2.

In uniswap V2 it appears balance 0 DPI I can´t exchange anything.


From this page, go to ‘Fondo Comun’

Thanks I got it. I have not very experience in this trades. Here I got 0.54 DPI (134$) and 640$ in ETH, is a total of 773$ aproximately. Maybe a did a very bad trade, but It was not all wasted.
A think I don´t know because DPI doesn´t appears in my Metamask but it appears in uniswap v3.

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