March Rebalance DeFi Pulse Index & Methodology refinement

March 2021 sees the first rebalance under methodology v0.3 which includes an allocation cap of 25% for any single project, in accordance with DeFi Pulse’s vision for $DPI to provide a diversified exposure to the DeFi market. This allocation cap of 25% has modified the $UNI allocation in $DPI reallocating the remaining funds to other $DPI components on a weighted basis.

In the month of March, the DeFi Pulse Index has crossed 13,000 holders!

Along with current market conditions during the month of March, $DPI sustained its price quite well with 3.8% in the last 30 days going sideways with the market that it represents.

Within this rebalance comes not 1, but 2 new additions to the $DPI! with Harvest ($FARM) and Cream ($CREAM) coming into the fold! each being allocated 0.60% and 0.36% respectively.

With a number of projects created last summer during what many refer to as DeFi Summer, you can expect more frequent additions in upcoming rebalances.

Please continue to refer to the methodology to determine inclusion criteria, and a more detailed analysis on the updates to our methodology soon.


Excellent work DeFi Pulse, it’s good to see the methodology develop over time.


Full agree with this decision, which will go some way to ensuring the DeFi Pulse Index continues to offer diversity for holder.

Great to see the methodology evolving for this market leading index.


Sensible change to keep the Index Diversified.

A bit surprised to see the FARM addition.