MetaPortal Disclosures


Following the example set by the Index community, we are laying out how we approach conflict of interest and transparency as methodologists for the Metaverse Index.


As part of our wider goal as MetaPortal to become a positive force in the metaverse space, we are beginning to invest in projects that align with our thesis. This post discloses investments we have already made, and sets out how we will approach future disclosures. All being well we would expect some overlap between our investments and tokens held within MVI, if our investments weren’t high enough quality to be included in the index then I’d be worried!

That being said, we have a methodology that determines inclusions, exclusions and weights, just as it has done to date. We also have Mason acting as a neutral third party when reviewing potential inclusions, to ensure we don’t just push through tokens that have no place in the index.

We plan to declare any investments made as MetaPortal, but personal positions will be out of scope.

Current Investments


Next Steps

  • If you agree with the approach leave a little like, if not, let us know your feedback.
  • We will maintain this thread with up to date information.
  • If the Index Coop process for disclosing changes, we will adhere to that.

First mention I’ve come across so – who is Mason?

From the MVI IIP in February.


Huge kudos for this disclosure. Even though it should be commonplace, it demands respect.


Congratulations on the investments and thanks for sharing this info. COI disclosure seems fine to me at this stage with some potential issues to think about in the future if you guys were to have executive roles in companies which become members of MVI.