[MGC Decision] - COMP-53

The Index Coop Meta-Gov Committee has voted unanimously (5-0) FOR listing MKR on Compound as part of COMP-53. We are generally supportive of listing new assets on Compound and this proposal has a few key characteristics that make us strongly in favor of its passing. The borrowing cap proposed by @monet-supply will help fend off potential governance attacks against the MakerDAO and keep a critical piece of DeFi infrastructure safe. We look forward to seeing more assets listed on the Compound Market and are happily voting for MKR’s inclusion.


Noted :white_check_mark:

Should quorum not be reached, the vote will be executed: FOR COMP-53


So executed :white_check_mark:

via: https://www.withtally.com/governance/compound/proposal/53/votes

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