[MGC Decision] on AAVE-43, -42, -41, Balancer & Badger

This post is a summary to communicate voting behavior of the MGC.
Communications around voting outcomes were stalled in the past few days, as I (and other contributors) were occupied at Liscon. Nonetheless, voting took place as follows:

AAVE Votes

  • The Index Coop Meta-Governance Committee voted unanimously FOR [AAVE-43], to “update the risk parameters (2021-10-21)”.

  • The MGC was also supportive of [AAVE-42] and voted FOR “updating the risk parameters. (2021-10-14)”.

  • MGC voted FOR [AAVE-41] to “institute a voting delay period”.

Note: AAVE-42 & -41 were executed, however, AAVE-41 did not reach quorum, i.e. not enough AAVE participated in the vote. AAVE-43 is currently being executed.

BadgerDAO Votes
Since early last week, voting for BadgerDAO was enabled. So far we had two votes live → [BADGERDAO] BIP 71 & BIP 72. MGC decided to vote FOR both. Unfortunately, we faced some technical challenges when trying to execute the vote with Snapshot, which resulted in NO vote for the two votes. We are working on fixing the issue asap.

Balancer Votes
In recent weeks, Balancer was also enabled again (issue with Snapshot was resolved) and we had three votes live.

  • MGC is supportive of the latest vote, and votes unanimously FOR “[BALANCER] Balancer Grants DAO Wave 2” (this vote is still live)

  • MGC voted FOR “[BALANCER] Sponsor the First Ever Poapathon”

  • And the committee also voted FOR “[BALANCER] End the BAL for Gas Program”

Link to the snapshot page below:

AAVE-43 Snapshot

AAVE-42 Snapshot

AAVE-41 Snapshot

BIP-72 Snapshot

BIP-71 Snapshot

[Balancer] Balancer Grants DAO Wave 2 Snapshot

[Balancer] End the BAL for Gas Program Snapshot

[Balancer] Sponsor the first ever Poapathon Snapshot