MGC Election - February 2022

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Created: February 20, 2021

Simple Summary

This election is to appoint three members for the Meta Governance Committee. They will start their term on block 14300000 (~March 1st, 2021) and serve for 1.2M blocks (~6 months).


‌The MGC is an elected body, entrusted with the task to vote on Meta Governance votes, but only when the community does not reach quorum. Members of the committee are asked to cast their vote on each Meta Governance vote (FOR, AGAINST, or ABSTAIN). In return for their efforts, each member receives a fixed stipend of 1500$ per month, paid in $INDEX via the Operations Account. The quantity of INDEX each MGC member receives will be determined in line with the current methodology for how monthly Contributor Rewards are determined.

Members of the MGC are elected for 1.2M blocks (~6 months), with a current maximum of three consecutive terms. The committee has five seats, of which every quarter either two or three are open for (re-)election.

The election takes place via weighted voting and a person needs to go through a nomination procedure to be eligible for the election. The three nominees with the most votes, will be serving in the MGC. They will start their term on block 14300000 (March 1, 2021).


‌The following nominees are put up for election:


Lavi (@Lavi)

My background is in consulting in traditional finance, overall I’ve spend roughly 6 years in the financial industry before moving full-time into web3 about 7 months ago.

I’ve been contributing to the Coop for over 12 months in various areas. I’m one of the initiators of the MGC and have been serving on the committee since its inception. I’m part of the GovNest leading the GovDesk Pod, where I’ve been taking care of all things related to MetaGov and especially MetaGov Ops over the past 6 months. I am also a core contributor to PrimeDAO, where I lead the development of Prime Rating.

Hoping to serve the MGC and the Coop another term.

Matthew Graham (@Matthew_Graham)

I am a mechanical engineer who also has a Bachelor in Investment Finance and Corporate Finance. I joined Index Coop in December 2020, formed and lead the Finance Working Group, now Finance Nest. I am heavily involved with day to day activities within the Finance Nest and also, more recently the Index Council.

I am also active in the Aave ecosystem having proposed many ARCs and AIPs, including the DPI listing on Aave V2 Markets and Aave Arc Markets. I have a very well established network within DeFi, most notable Aave, Balancer and Tribe DAO. Index Coop is currently invested in the Balancer Boosted Pools and Tribe DAO’s fuse pool and is building a BAL and TRIBE position outside of DPI and GMI respectively. I am also actively involved in revising Index Coop’s tokenomics model which I am sure metagovernance will feature.

Noah (@Ncitron)

I am currently a student at Duke University studying electrical engineering and computer science. I joined the Index Coop in November 2020 and have worked on many areas across the technical stack. Today, I work mostly on our smart contract infrastructure. I am also responsible for maintaining all of our metagovernance infrastructure including our snapshot bot, snapshot strategy, and vote delegation contracts.

I am an active participant in governance, and have written the code for and submitted several on-chain governance proposals for Aave. In my next term on the metagovernance committee, I hope to integrate with new protocol’s governance, and continue our reputation as good stewards of DeFi governance by implementing impactful proposals across the protocols we hold stakes in.

Kiba (@Kiba)

I am a software developer and DeFi degen. My crypto journey started in 2018 working at ConsenSys as a strategist then fullstack dev. Early 2020 I dove into DeFi full time and started working at DAOs contributing on governance, tokenomics, and product.

I started contributing at Index Coop in October 2020, was one of the first gold owls, helped form the meta-governance committee, and am the methodologist on the Data Economy Index.

Brian Adam (@sixtykeys)

I have a background in Economics and Finance. I have been a contributor to the Index Coop since June 2021, and an active governance and metagovernance participant. I am one of the co-creators of the inaugural Governance Working Group, now the Governance Nest, in which I currently lead the Governance Operations Pod. I am also a contributor to the Gyroscope Protocol where I provide inputs on their governance systems.

I would like to use the opportunity of being on the MGC, as a learning experience that will allow me to further deepen my knowledge of the protocols that our products currently consist of. And learn from the great minds that currently serve on the MGC, while using this knowledge to further serve the Index Coop DAO and the greater DeFi ecosystem.

Ronald Wiplinger (@elmit)

I am an Electrical Engineer. After I was a programmer in several companies; I became an assistant at the Technical University in Graz, Austria. I lead several technology companies in C-level positions, these included a hard/software development company (Graz, Austria), further an ISP startup (Taipei, Taiwan), and an AI company (Taipei, Taiwan).

My crypto experience started in 2013. I had miners, but after the power bills hit me, I switched to trading instead. Hereby I used trading bots.

I will live till June 2022 in Taipei (UTC+8) and will relocate to Vienna, Austria (UTC+1, [UTC+2]).

I am retired and have so a lot of time to participate in meetings.

In Index Coop, I was one of the initial members of APACWG. Since the new IC structure, I am “shopping” where I can contribute best.

Mel (@mel.eth)

I have a BA in Architecture and a BS in Civil Engineering, before IC I was a construction finance consultant. IC contributor since April '21: founder of IC DAO contributor newsletter and founding member of the Governance Operations Working Group. Currently Lead the Governance Nest. I’m active in both governance and metagovernance voting. I have no other ongoing DAO affiliations or known conflicts with the duties outlined; spot-conflicts should they arise will be noted on a case basis.

Should I be elected I will endeavor to always vote for Index Coop sustainability as the primary consideration. Thanks all.


  • Select how much of your voting power you would like to give to each individual. Each voter may spread voting power across any number of choices.
  • Once selections are made, click [Vote] and sign the transaction; at this point, no changes can be made.

The voting will be live from Monday, Feb 21, 12 PM EST at Index Coop Snapshot for 72 hours.


Copyright and related rights waived via CC0.


Thanks for driving this @puncar and the rest of the GovNest crew!

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Hi @puncar,

Firstly, thank you arranging all this and getting the post on the forum over the weekend. :slight_smile:

May I request some clarification text be added to the post by confirming that Core Hire resources are not eligible for $1,500 stipend per month for serving on this committee ? All Core Hire contributions are covered by their existing package.

Kindly, may I request the mechanism for determining the INDEX emissions be amended to reflect the 5 Daily Moving Average methodology which was implemented in December 2021. The below is an extract for easy reference, to enable verification of the above comments merits.

INDEX rewards are first estimated in USD, and then converted to its equivalent INDEX quantity.
The 5 day rolling average value of INDEX is used to calculate INDEX distribution quantity.

Best practice would be to include a statement in this proposal that states the quantity of INDEX each MGC member receives will be determined in line with the current methodology for how monthly Contributor Rewards are determined. This provides the added flexibility of not needing to update how the MGC is remunerated when the process changes elsewhere.

Thanks again for getting the post up and we truly do have some great candidates to choose from.


Before voting on snapshot
@Lavi can you clarify the length of terms already served by all current MGC members, where nominated for another term
Assuming IC will continue at this point
@Matthew_Graham would you be looking to do MCG, F.Nest Lead and IC?
@mel.eth are you looking to discontinue IC are you leading a Gov pod too?
Sorry out of the loop on this and I can’t see from current S1 proposals who the leads are for either Gov pods or FNest.


Sorry for the confusion! My plan should I be elected is to continue to serve as GovNest Lead and on the MGC. My duties in the leadership role keep me high context on metagovernance regardless, and these initiatives align well with my natural curiosity. I will be active in metagovernance voting regardless.

For clarity regarding the remuneration I’ll be foregoing the stipend in accordance with the precedent set by @ncitron (should I be elected) given that I receive a full time stipend from the DAO for my service otherwise (I’ll look to get that formalized in the next IIP that modifies the spec of the MGC).


Hey @lee0007, yes sure.
All current members (Ncitron, Kiba and myself) have served on the committee since its inception in July 2021. We all served 2 terms so far. This will be the last consecutive term, should any of us be re-elected.


The polls have closed and the results are in!


Let’s congratulate @Matthew_Graham, @Lavi, and @ncitron on being elected to serve on The Meta-Governance Committee; @Matthew_Graham will serve a first term, while @Lavi and @ncitron will serve the last of three possible 6-month terms. It’s a sacred responsibility to make decisions on behalf of this community; thank you for choosing this life and GovNest will be here for support as needed.

I’d like to give a hearty thanks to these contributors including @Kiba and those that voted for their service to this trusted institution. Thanks to the remaining candidates. Big thanks @puncar for facilitating a well-run election!

Separately, big shout to @Metfanmike for punching operational IIPs 132 and 133 through quorum today during the GovNest call (pew pew :purple_heart:); that doubletap was pretty cool to watch in real time and exactly the type of thing the MGC is designed to help facilitate for our partners. Am I the only one that’s just fascinated by snapshot and token voting? Maybe because I’m ‘merican and we just cannot seem to get elections right (and days to count, and recount); to see repurposable “ballot boxes” that just work, every time, This Boomer finds magical. :man_mage: