[MGC Election]: November 2021

Title: MGC Election - November 2021
Status: Proposed
Author(s): Governance Operations Working Group
Discussions-to: MGC Member Nominations - November 2021
Created: November 18, 2021

Simple Summary

This election is to appoint two members for the Meta Governance Committee. They will start their term on block 13720000 (December 1st, 2021) and serve for 1.2M blocks (~6 months).


‌The MGC is an elected body, entrusted with the task to vote on Meta Governance votes, but only when the community does not reach quorum. Members of the committee are asked to cast their vote on each Meta Governance vote (FOR, AGAINST or ABSTAIN). In return for their efforts, each member receives a fixed stipend of 1500$ per month, paid in $INDEX via the Operations Account (using 20-day moving average).

Members of the MGC are elected for 1.2M blocks (~6 months), with a current maximum of three consecutive terms. The committee has five seats, of which every quarter either two or three are open for (re-)election.

The election takes place via a ranked-choice voting and a person needs to go through a nomination procedure to be eligible for the election. The two nominees with the most votes, will be serving in the MGC. They will start their term on block 13720000 (December 1st, 2021).


‌The following nominees are put up for election.



‌Penn Blockchain, LLC (@Yuan-han-li)

Penn Blockchain is one of the largest student blockchain clubs in the world and our mission and goal is to educate our community about Web3 and crypto. We have a number of initiatives that help us to achieve our mission, one of which is to help steward the space by acting as a neutral and unbiased third party (similar to independent board members in traditional corporate governance) in our capacity as a delegate across a number of DeFi protocols (Uniswap, Compound, Aave, dYdX, and Index Coop). Additionally, we also run trading competitions, host speakers, and have a newly formed research committee that is beginning to engage with DAOs (e.g. PrimeDAO) as contributors and also publish research.

Bridgewater Innovations, LLC (@Oneski22)

David Silverman (@oneski22), I am a gold owl, currently serving on the MetaGov board. I have been researching blockchain technology since 2012 and began consulting/educating VCs, lawyers and institutions in 2017.

I co-founded ELEV8 Crypto, which has worked with IC on several occasions, including its current engagement of managing the MetaGov EOA. ELEV8 is active on governance across many Web3 protocols, assisting institutions, individual investors and University groups in the setup and management of governance processes.

Presently I’m a PM at Aave building novel Web3 experiences. In addition, I’m a VP at 3SE Holdings, a small crypto investment firm, which does hold INDEX as one of its holdings. My full disclosure statement can be found here.

Brian Adam (@sixtykeys)

I am a gold owl, and have been contributing to the Index Coop for six months now.

I co-lead the Governance Operations Working Group (GOWG); therefore I look forward to deepening my knowledge of MetaGovernance operations and ensuring the Index Coop is an active participant in the governance of protocols on which MetaGovernance is enabled.


  • Select the person you would like to see serving in the MGC by ranking them in order, with the person who should be elected on top, second person in second rank, etc.
    • If an incorrect selection is made, a page-refresh will clear selections
    • Results are updated as votes are cast
  • Once selections are made, click [Vote] and sign the transaction; at this point no changes can be made.


Copyright and related rights waived via CC0.


Calling for Snapshot vote on Monday, November 22, 2021 @mel.eth


This poll has been queued in Snapshot; please vote here.

Polling opens: 22 November 1800 UTC
Polling closes 25 November 1800 UTC

If any issues or questions arise, please drop into #election-support on discord and tag @mel.eth#0001 and @lavi#3955 for assistance.

cc: @yuan-han-li @oneski22 @sixtykeys


[MGC Election]: November 2021 has ended. Results are available here.

Congrats to Penn Blockchain LLC (@yuan-han-li) and Bridgewater Innovations LLC (@oneski22) for being (re-) elected to the MGC.

Official start of the term is block 13720000 which is on ~December 1st, 2021. And the duration of the term is 1,000,000 blocks, that is until block 14720000 (~May 2022).

Has anyone else noticed the totals calculated via snapshot don’t seem to match with the actual votes that were cast?

i.e. the results show 0 for Brian:

Yet he is the 1st choice of the top vote with the most INDEX:

Unless I’m missing something or not understanding the technicalities, I don’t see how that’s possible.

cc: @Lavi @mel.eth


gm @Weeze

This is due to the way Ranked Choice Voting uses the Instant Runoff Method to drop the candidate with the least votes and apply the second-choice to the remaining candidates. In this case, the result would have been the same if single-choice voting were used (based on my tally, open to confirmation or challenge).

I’ll note that this method should be reviewed as it’s designed to identify a single winner when no individual candidate has more than 50% of the first-choice votes. Snapshot is not designed to identify more than a single winner, so there is a possibility that the method being used could eliminate a viable candidate when there are multiple slots to be filled.

cc: @Lavi
cc: @Pepperoni_Joe @afromac (for any advice and insight)