New Role: JPG Admin


The creation of the JPG indexing product brought forth a new model of metagovernance that requires facilitation, including:

  • The creation and maintenance of voting platforms (currently snapshot)
  • Facilitation of voting activity
  • The creation and maintenance of user guides/manuals
  • The application of process changes/upgrades
  • Voter awareness, education, support

This post proposes the creation of one new role: JPG Admin

(with the following mandate/requirements):

Reward: $1,200 monthly stipend; 3-month review with better defined ongoing responsibilities.
Principle Based Service (Stewardship): Contributor will at a minimum be expected to exemplify the Code of Conduct and Guiding Principles.

Initial Remit:

  • Create 2 snapshot spaces; one for JPG holders and one for Collectooors NFT holders (may be in progress, will hand-off if so)
  • Create process documents in accordance with the posted governance model for JPG and guidance from JPG Methodologists and Index Coop’s GovNest
    • Develop all assets required for education and awareness (manuals, guidance docs, awareness slides and templates as required)

Ongoing Remit:

  • Facilitate all required metagovernance voting for the JPG product
    • End-to-end facilitation of the decision-process (currently snapshot + forum)
    • Post awareness/result-reporting in accordance with precedent/standards
  • Provide a well-communicated and reliable voting experience for users
    • A transparent ‘choice’ that can be verified by all users
    • An easy to understand and engage process for users
    • A reliable and easy to engage process for proposers/methodologists/advisors
  • This is a high-communication role (voter engagement/support, methodologist/Nest relations)
    • Distill voter feedback and present to Nest leadership and Methodologists
    • Provide actionable feedback re process improvements
  • Self-organization, initiative, reliable execution of remit, excellent resource creation are all valued attributes

Reporting: Contribute to monthly Nest reporting

Critical Feedback/Deprecation: This is a new role and scoping of responsibilities is part of the role. Delivering the best voting experience for this new metagovernance model is ultimately the responsibility of GovNest; as such this role may be deprecated at any time. External factors aside, ‘efficacy/cost’ will be the primary consideration for ongoing support of the role. Once established, this role would fall under the category of Governance Operations, during early scoping you’d be working most closely with/reporting to @mel.eth with heavy communication and input from @JosephKnecht.


  • Role vs. Process: While scoping of voter activities may result in an automated process requiring less oversight, an engaged DRI is essential at the this stage. The role as specified is timeboxed to 3-months for review of remit with the benefit of better understanding of cadence of voting activity and associated Admin activity.
  • Resource sharing/creation: Some resources may be forked (voting guides) and some shared (twitter announcement channels) but ultimately the Admin is responsible for providing a well-communicated process including resource creation in concert with GovNest established channels. At present, @shawn16400 manages communication within the Nest and can provide clear guidance/access to established channels.
  • High Initiative/Context: Should a Bronze Owl wish to take on this role please reach out to @mel.eth to discuss if the role is right for you. This role is somewhat loosely defined with an eye toward high-context contribution, more managed contribution will be a secondary consideration.

Next Steps:
Please reach out to @mel.eth directly to discuss the role. Updates will be posted here.

cc: ICC: @afromac @catjam @DevOnDeFi @anthonyb.eth @edwardk GovOps: @sixtykeys Methodologist: @JosephKnecht


This is a very substantial cost. I was anticipating that I would administer the JPG and Collectooors governance as an unpaid volunteer. I’d like to keep it that way unless someone else cares to volunteer.


GM @JosephKnecht -

Happy to accept. The JPG Snapshot space was set up this morning with you permissioned to admin, Collectooors space to follow at your say so. I’ll leave the process flow and coordination on comms to you and @shawn16400; then it’s a matter of making sure we document the process well enough that voters can engage async. I’m here to support and assist as required; thanks for taking this on.


Thanks for jumping in here @JosephKnecht . I’m glad we were able to avoid this cost as it was quite high IMO!


That’s great mel. Thanks!

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