Nominations for - Wise Owls / Index Council

I’d like to strongly recommend @edwardk and @Cavalier_Eth for the Index Council as well. I think the Index Coop needs to increasingly be a product driven organization and these two have the tools to take us there.


Hey @pujimak_in Thanks for the nomination. I will be respectfully declining. I would love to keep my focus on helping out growth & BD efforts, focusing on getting more use cases for our products in this vibrant ecosystem through on-chain partnerships and integrations!

Best of luck to all the nominated candidates! Looking forward to supporting and assisting the Index Council where I can!


I very much appreciate the nominations. I am declining them.

I heard Moloch whisper “someone has to have power here, why not you?” And I was so very close to starting the process of lobbying for a spot. Soft checks on votes. Considering who to torpedo strategically. The stuff I’m sure isn’t happening :wink: .

But I took a step back, considered my experience as the WGL and Community rep in the Methodologist Negotiation Process, and figured my hat was best left on my head instead of in the ring for this. It’s not that that experience was bad. I’d simply say that I want some time before taking a leadership role with the Coop beyond WGL again. I haven’t had a lot of time for reflection lately and I basically run on reflection.

The future of the Coop is bright, but will be brighter if @Metfanmike and @Matthew_Graham are representatives on this Council. I think the candidate pool is phenomenal overall and it will be difficult for the Coop to get it very wrong based on this alone. But those two are must-haves (IMO) based on their principled commitment to making the organization better.

I’m excited for what this Council means for the Coop and look forward to the experiment of the coming months. I hope those elected take this role seriously. More seriously than they’re planning to even now. Because the surface area of representing a DAO is large. And for the Coop, the stakes are high.


I am accepting my nomination to the council. Working on the Index Coop for the past year has been the ride of a lifetime - I am eager to continue giving it my all!

We have big things ahead of us! Can’t wait to keep winning with all of you!


I very much appreciate the community members that have put forward my name. Thank you!

I accept the nomination and will give my best to the organization if selected.


Many great nominations in the comments, confident that any combination of the above mentioned people will do a great job. All of those I’d nominate have already been recommended.

Have deleted my original response discussing challenges/concerns.


Accepting my nomination.

Whilst I’m at the stump: I believe this role will benefit from the many specialists listed above but also someone who has broad cross WG experience / can wear a few hats at once. In my time I have worked across both TWG and GMWG, contributed and closely collaborated with AWG, BD/IBD, DWG as well as carried out some Org work before co-leading GWG.
I’ve also been heavily involved in liquidity conversations with PWG, TWG and have a good albeit basic grasp of Eng concepts.

Thanks. Good luck all! hh


Really looking forward to having this setup. Want to have a good cross section and mix of the Coop’s best. If the initiative continues, I would like to see rotation that brings in new stars when ready as well as allow a space for members of our closest orgs. As things stand, my must haves are nominated.


Great work team! Super stoked to see the Index Council come into being. This has been a huge lift by the entire community. I am convinced that Index 2.0 will be the rocket that carries Index Coop to the next 100000000x of growth.

I will be declining my nomination. We have an incredibly talented and passionate cohort of leaders in Index Coop - and we will be in incredible hands with the group selected. Responsibility and leadership need to be shared across the entire organization. This is the way. This is how we grow. This is how we thrive. :sunflower:

I would like to nominate @dylan to sit on the council as a community member. Over the past year his moral courage, strong character, and focus on doing things the right way have stood out again and again. I am deeply impressed with his leadership and believe he will be a powerful voice for our community.


Thankful for the nominations and happy to accept.

I commit to continue dedicating much of my life energy towards the adoption of our products.


Excited to see the nominations for the Index Coop/Wise Owl Council coming in!

As voting is set to start tomorrow (November 24), here :point_down: are the core principles I’ll be thinking about.

They are pulled from Good To Great and the concept of a “Level 5 Leader.”

TLDR; These leaders demonstrate extreme personal humility with intense professional will. They are self-effacing individuals who display the fierce resolve to accomplish whatever is needed to make the organization great.

Extreme personal humility

  • Demonstrates a compelling modesty, shunning public adulation; never boastful
  • Acts with quiet, calm determination; relies principally on inspired standards, not inspiring charisma, to motivate.
  • Channels ambition into the organization, not the self; sets up successors for even greater success in the next generation
  • Looks out the window, not in the mirror, to apportion credit for the success of the organization – to other people, external factors, and good luck

Intense professional will

  • Creates superb results, a clear catalyst in the transition from good to great
  • Demonstrates an unwavering resolve to do whatever must be done to produce the best long-term results, no matter how difficult.
  • Sets the standard of building an enduring great organization; will settle for nothing less
  • Looks in the mirror, not out the window, to apportion responsibility for poor results, never blaming other people, external factors, or bad luck.

Now, these are ideals that could be strived for over time. I think in order to get there requires that folks are:

  • Focused primarily on the Coop - This role is a big commitment to the community and other Coop stakeholders. Folks that accept nominations should be willing and able to make the time/energy commitment that is needed.
  • Active, constant learners - Actively seeking out new information, looking to level-up as individuals, and are open to receiving & giving feedback in a constructive manner.
  • Desire to see the forest for the trees - This group will need to be able to zoom out, seek to understand the situation as a whole, and figure out how to act from a place of high-leverage.
  • First among equals - Wise Owls/Council Members are excited to embody these principles and has a primary personal goal of developing these in others. The Coop wins when we all reach this level.

I don’t have a vote in this so I have no dog in the fight, but I’m seeing a lot of awesome conversation around qualifications and what skillsets will be needed to execute what we think the role will look like successfully.

I’d be curious to hear from the candidates:

  • What would they need to accomplish to look back and feel like they were successful in their role?

  • What language they would each put around their character?

  • What flat spots do they want to grow in?

  • What they value most about relationships

  • Who have shaped them the most as mentors in their life and how has this influenced their approach to mentoring others - how do we mentor/shape leaders of leaders (not only doers)

  • What’s most important as we think about the Coop ‘100 years from now’ to use @BigSky7 's terminology, as well as how best we go about raising up the next generation of leaders (people we are compelled to follow) in the Coop and in the DeFi space as a whole.

  • How do they think about healthy leadership in general, and health in the Coop as a whole?


This is all Gold bro


I would be honoured to accept my nomination for the Index Council.

Expect me to give absolutely everything in this role to support change at Index Coop - turning us into the gold standard for how to DAO.

With so many amazing nominations, regardless of composition, I have faith Index Coop’s future is bright :pray:


I’m looking forward to supporting this council and the leaders who will sit on it! I am so appreciative and grateful for the nominations; however, I’ll be declining my nomination. I believe this council should be the first priority of those who sit on it and cannot commit to that given the responsibilities of my day job and co-leading WIC. I’m excited for the future of this organization and Index 2.0!


From Finance Nest, I am accepting the nomination for becoming a WO.
(Chief Financial Owl)

Key points to note:

Finance Nest

  • Published one of the first Income Statements in DeFi
  • Created the Treasury Working Group, now expanded to be Finance Nest
  • Defined the Preserve, Sustain and Grow goals of the Index Coop Treasury
  • Finance Nest now has built in-house an automate backed accounting system that is envied by many DAOs
  • Hired arguable the most talent dense teams across the coop
  • Designed and still implement an Account structure for managing community assets

Business Development

  • Attained the only Tier 1 lending protocol listing in Index Coop’s history
  • $63M of DPI in Aave is a result of that listing
  • Designed and coordinated the implementation of Aave’s current liquidity mining program (think of the network needed to spend someone else’s treasury)
  • Leading the integration with Beta Finance who has to date incentivised 4 of Index Coop products
  • Landed a $10M DPI purchase with Fei Protocol - the largest sales in IC history
  • Leading the Gelato integrations
  • Having Aave amend the wMATIC risk parameters on Aave Polygon which will unlock the wMATIC2x-FLI product - we will soon be able to launch a new product
  • DPI is to be listed to Aave Polygon Market (soon ;))
  • Well networked with existing and future VC investors
  • Metagovernance coordinator for Fei Protocol who has 100,000 INDEX (from a private deal I coordinated)
  • Vast network across DeFi

I really want to see @oneski22 and @DevOnDeFi put forward nominations to join the WO. Both are amazing contributors/supporters of the Index Coop community. They both have a wealth of Web2 history, are very knowledgeable and look beyond the immediate future to understand the direction of the industry. I am calling out these two people specifically, because they not only have my votes but also are under appreciated diamonds at Index Coop. So many other great names and amazing contributors detailed above. Good luck to everyone.


Beyond grateful and humbled by the nominations. Happy to accept and would be honored to serve the coop if elected.

As with previous boards/committees, should I be elected the entity serving on the council will be Bridgewater Innovations LLC. [I encourage all members and nominees to consult with legal counsel to ensure they have adequate protection.]


All the nominations for Wise Olws are remarkable and I see @BigSky7, @Pepperoni_Joe, @Matthew_Graham (Chief Financial Owl :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:) killing it as Wise Owls.

I am patiently waiting to nominate myself as a pod lead. :exploding_head: :owl: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket:

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I really appreciate the nomination @BigSky7 but I will also decline. I’ll be looking forward to supporting the Wise Owls however necessary to help take the Index Coop to the next level :owl:


I’m flattered to receive some nominations and happily accept. Thank you.

If voted in, I would gladly and humbly seek to leverage the learnings from my 15 year career in fintech and finance - leading growth, marketing, sales, strategy and complex deals - to help the Coop make better and faster decisions, charge its growth, better establish and optimize its institutional relationships, avoid getting stuck in attention traps and generally focus. I’ve been fortunate to have been part of a founding or core team involved in a number of acquisitions and IPOs and, while exit is not the goal here, I know intimately what it takes to succeed as an always-challenged, early stage financial technology startup brimming with potential. I’m full time crypto and would look to help find a replacement to lead DWG if elected. Decentralized money and decentralization generally have been passions of mine since before the Bitcoin white paper and today my all-consuming interest is Web3. Who’s isn’t right!?

I would respectfully nominate these Owls:


Good luck to all the runners and riders.