Index Council Election Results

Author: Governance Nest

Last week we embarked on a journey of change, and one of many steps towards a new DAO structure. We set out to elect a group of seven people (Wise Owls), that would make up our very own Index Council. The goal of the Index Council is to give the Wise Owls a clear mandate to act when decision-making on an issue exceeds the capacity of any one Pod or Nest, ensuring the most pressing and challenging questions are addressed head on. As well as create a new leadership structure that enables more autonomous and decentralized entities to flourish with support from an effective system of emergent and elected stewardship. Further reading on the Wise Owls / Index Council, can be found here and here.

Bronze, Silver, and Gold Owls (as per our Discord server) were all allowed to vote in the election. Voting was limited to this group as they are considered the highest context members of the Index Coop community. Choice Voting was the platform used to carry out the election, using the voting system of “Electoral Reform Society STV". This is a type of rank order voting designed to maximize the significance of each vote, reduce vote gaming and minimize the frequency of wasted votes.

View the results on Choice Voting here

The election ran for 6 days, starting November 24th, 2021, and ending on November 30th, 2021. 27 nominations were made, with only 14 candidates accepting their nominations. With 96 out of 126 owls voting in the election. The following wise owls were chosen for the Index Council:

Their term begins on December 1st, 2021, and will run through to February 28th, 2021.

As it is important the community and token holders can ensure the Wise Owls are kept accountable. They can have specific responsibilities removed, or be disbanded entirely, if:

  • A community poll calling for this action get +55% support, quorum 25 votes, poll open to Trust Level 1 OR

  • An IIP calling for this action gets over +55% support, quorum 7.5% of circulating supply

This action can be called by any community member, thus ensuring that the Wise Owls / Index Council are always kept accountable.


Strong work with the election rounds gif, @sixtykeys.