**POLL CLOSED** Proposal: Growth and Marketing Working Group IV

@gregdocter, Elliot picked up an error in the first draft so here is the correction. As things currently stand GMWH requires a net transfer of $21k INDEX TO the multisig. Thanks

Okay, still working to understanding.

If i understand correctly, you are suggesting that the only transaction that is required (and thus all that needs to be included in FC Grant #5) is

  • $21,000 in INDEX to the GMWG multi-sig.

How does that ^ cover the contributor rewards that are (currently) paid out from the FC Multi-Sig?

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FC will need to fund the $21k (Q4 Costs - current gwg multisig balance) + q4 stipends ($187,350)

Therefore total FC<>GMWG funding required for Q4 = $208,350

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