POLL CLOSED - (C)DWG III - Request for Funding - (1st Oct 2021 to 1st Apr 2022)


The re-named Design Working Group (DWG - simplified from CDWG) would like to present Index Coop the opportunity to enable the DWG until the 1st April 2022 - with a three month check in/review process.

What is/are the core problem(s) you want to solve? What value will you create?

  1. Continue to produce high quality design assets for the DAO

  2. Assist EWG putting new website live: Soon ™, though we’re the junior partner in this launch process. More below

  3. Work with partners in GMWG to enable the design and launch of landing pages for ad, content and social campaigns. Infra is ready to leverage

  4. ‘10x’ our existing video content - with supporting social hosting platforms (YouTube) - to become the stand out video marketing DAO in DeFi

  5. Plan, build and launch (or launch soon after this WG iteration) an Owl NFT series which our contributors love - and which creates a lot of buzz in crypto: i) This may involve external mechanism design and NFT engineering partners; ii) Related Discord channel here and planning document here. And, we had our first NFT activists group call today! :slight_smile: ; ii) A forum post will propose this project in more detail, with a vote on whether we should do this or not. This post will mainly features on what the community wants the goals of this NFT project to be. To get ahead of this: should we chose to work with external partners specializing in NFT mechanism design and engineering, they will need some incentive to partner with us, so the community should be aware of this should this project evolve a’pace and in some weeks a related forum post re potential project arrive with a project-specific budget.

  6. NEW CONCEPT: once our video group has largely completed the video goals in 4. we will collaborate with other DAOs (ideally in our index products - Eg Farm ($DPI), Rarible ($MVI), Filecoin ($DATA)) to help them deliver incredible video too. This will: i) Benefit these DAOs and their awareness, due to better marketing and story-telling. Benefitting our index product tokens via price maintenance or appreciation and our clients who hold them; ii) Help strengthen our ties with other DAOs. There’s a lot of potential in DAO-to-DAO coordination and strengthening these relationships; iii) (Hopefully) enable DWG to earn tokens or USDC from this work to bring back to our Treasury. Tagging @Matthew_Graham and TWG crew. We’re essentially looking to deploy an agency model here, but instead of earning our margin in fiat, we consider earning it in tokens. We could also simply earn in fiat, or convert to fiat, where TWG seeks to operate with a different risk profile. Eg bear market.

Why is this worth addressing/continuing to address?

Design is important in building trust, reputation and brand. We know and respect brands such as Apple, Dyson and Tesla.

Design can also improve conversion rate on landing pages, shareability of content and social media posts and even success rate in BD activities. We continue to hear phenomenal and humbling feedback on DWG’s work - the DOWLs take ALL the credit.

The DWG has been operating for six months, hopefully adding value (aforementioned feedback suggests so), and we hope to continue to point ourselves at the target of ‘being the best designed DAO in DeFi!’

Progress over these six months has been documented via regular updates in the Organization section of the Forum. Here’s the most recent example. In short, we have laid our design foundations via the brand framework, executed a new website design and delivered countless content and social media assets. Much of this has been collated into our design archive. This is a good start, but we can build much higher off of these foundations.

Let’s become the best video marketing DAO in DeFi and launch a buzz-generating and contributor-attracting NFT campaign!

How will you address it?

We will continue to operate as we have been but adjust our focus and ambitions with each quarter. Example of new ambition:

  • Owl NFT campaign
  • Establishing the (DWG) Vod (Video Pod) to ‘10x’ our video content
    • Lead by @Static121, with up to seven video wizard owls keen to join

As before, we will not stop seeking to improve. Please keep your feedback coming in - we cannot improve and grow as fast without regular, helpful feedback. Feedback is truly precious.

What impact will this project have? What are the KPIs?

  • Release new website in partnership with EWG: DWG’s design work is 99% done here now, but we’re deeply invested partners with EWG to get this live. Thanks to Dylan and Modene for helping enable this after some resourcing issues before. And thanks to @Emil_ETH for leading the Webflow charge, excellently
  • Launch marketing-lead landing pages with GMWG, MrMadila and crew
    • This infrastructure is now ready and tested
    • We see the WG-WG partnership as operating like this:
      • GMWG has an idea of landing page. Writes copy and brief doc
      • DWG designs landing page and then builds it and launches it
      • GMWG measures campaign and landing page performance
      • Start again or optimize existing landing page
  • ‘10x’ our video content and have an enormous video portfolio for the DAO in six months
    • We have made our main video investment to-date in 4-5 product launch videos - one specific layer of the funnel
    • We want to create, on average, one significant, high quality video relating to the Coop, our community, our products, how to buy/LP, etc, every two weeks
      • We hope to exceed this goal
      • Watch out for more news from the Vod!
  • Design, build and launch an owl NFT series to reward contributors
    • As described above
    • Keep your owl eyes peeled for the forum post

Working Group Leader/Contributor role

  • Working Group Lead: Dev.
  • Working Group Co-Lead: @Static121

Request for Funding

Proposed Budget/month:

  • Leads:

    • Lead: Dev: 300 $INDEX/month
    • Co-lead: @Static121: 200 $INDEX/month
  • Core contributor rewards:

    • Fixed $INDEX:

    • 50/50 fixed $INDEX/USDC

    • USD value contributor rewards: $27,500/month

    • Design tools and apps: no request. We will pay these costs from the previous Treasury allocations for this line item. Our DWG tools and apps wallet here has 724.88 $INDEX in it as of writing

  • Total monthly cost:

    1. $INDEX: 910
    2. USD: $30,000


We humbly ask your support to continue building on our design foundations, pursue more ambitious, high value projects and generally keeping shooting for our previous North Star:

  • To be the best designed DAO in DeFi

… and potential, secondary North Star:

  • To be the best video marketing DAO in DeFi

Organization - How will it work?

What will you be doing?

Business as usual activities and key projects, as discussed above.

How will you interface with the community?

As we are today, with contual, evolutionary improvements:

  • Various Design channels in Discord
  • Notion request form, tracker board, and design archive
  • Bi weekly DWG meetings (open to the community)
  • Provide regular updates to community - Weekly Meeting and Org Meeting
  • Posts in the forum - updates, requests for feedback/votes, etc


I am committed to Index Coop principles

I am committed to serving the entire Index Coop with my work.

I am committed to open, rapid communication: I know that clear, constant, public communication lifts up the entire Index Coop community. I am committed to this style of communication.

Shared learnings: I will share my progress, learnings with the entire community. I will ensure that anything I create is accessible beyond my own tenure for future generations of Indexers to access & build on.

Intellectual honesty: I am committed to growth and improvement. I am open to feedback and will use feedback to improve my work for the benefit of the entire Coop community.

I am committed to making Index Coop a welcoming, fun, and engaging community to work in!

Any errors = my own.

Poll vote to continue DWG as described and budget in this post
  • FOR

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I am STRONGLY FOR this. A well oiled machined which would like to emulate for APWG!!! and congrats to @Static121 for the promotion to Co-Lead!! Super stocked for this…


Brief table setting

  • I’m putting on my “Funding Council” hat to pose questions (See Q4 Working Group Guidance to learn more about Working Group proposals)
  • My intent is to ask the questions that ping in my mind with the hope that they help the entire Coop better understand the proposal and thinking behind it.
  • Questions are pretty much posed in the order the topic appears in the post.
  • If a question doesn’t make sense or is entirely off-base, do call it out :slightly_smiling_face:

Similar to GWG, just noting b/c it is a new thing based on comments/feedback here.

Can you highlight what different design assets the DWG creates for the Coop?

Speaking just as a Coop contributor here, I am aware of banners, videos, logos. Curious to know what I am missing / unaware of!

A number of questions here as it seems to be a major focus of the next iteration of the DWG:

  • What types of video content have thus proven successful?
  • Is “10x” in terms of # of videos produced, # impressions, or how is the DWG thinking about this?
  • Further, what are you seeing/noticing that leads to the conviction of deeply investing in video content?
  • What do you expect to occur because of this investment?

The entire new concept is interesting – if i am understanding the idea correctly, it sounds like DWG could sell its services to other DAOS, with some portion of the proceeds going back to DWG & some portion going to the Coop Treasury.

Does that about capture the early thinking? What am I getting wrong?

So for the 6 month period

  • 5,460 INDEX [$177,340.80 in the USD price right now; using for quick reference]
  • $180,000 USDC

. . . . the video and animated content to date has been impressive, I’m in support of this proposed North Star.

While acknowledging that I am subjectively a big fan of the design-content that comes out of CDWG (—> DWG will take some getting used to), I have been particularly impressed by the way this WG has proactively supported the other WGs within this DAO:

  • Forms to make engaging more streamlined;
  • leveraging notion and other tools to automate operations and being a leader in this space (first to use notion; we all do now);
  • managing and streamlining external communications beyond just design.

I’m sure I’m missing a ton, but my confidence in the ability of leaders and contributors within this WG to ideate and execute is unbounded. Please keep doing what you’re doing with style and I’ll support you in any way I can. I will be voting ‘FOR’.


Hi @gregdocter,

Appreciate you commenting and looking at things through the FC’s lens. Responses in bullets:

  1. The best place for folks to see what design assets the WG creates is to check the Design Archive, or our social media channels. The Design Archive has folders for all the asset types you mentioned and the WG also creates document templates (G Slides, PDFs, etc), GIFs and social media short videos (best place to see them is on our Twitter), 3D Cooper assets (here’s a recent Discord message with some examples (we are organizing a shared folder for these 3D Cooper assets now) and more which I’m probably failing to recall.

  2. ‘10x’ our video content: generally speaking video is the most sharable and high performing content type online - well suited to mobile and social media distribution. The video engagement numbers enjoyed by Bankless, Defiant and DeFi Dad are notable - and our product launch videos have clocked up tens of thousand of impressions and generated a lot of buzz on social media. We, in partnership with GMWG (strategy driver here), seek to (not quite literally) ‘10x’ the number of videos we publish. The Vod will work with GMWG to define strategy, we will produce the videos, then GMWG will measure and analyze performance. We will then manage our video content strategy as we learn what works (impressions, shares being the main metrics, as well as potential media outlet pickups). This video investment will also help us add video embeds into many core website and product pages, which is a ranking factor in search engines and will help us with our SEO. Tagging @Morgan here (a full stack growth marketer) who’s been asking for more video after his SEO audit.

  3. New concept: you’ve got it exactly right! I would just say TWG should we look to earn: stables and/or project tokens. We hope our video talent and IC brand will enable us to stand out as a valuable video production partner - and some of these videos could be collaborative projects too. Working with projects in our index tokens feels like the logical place to start.

  4. Six month period budget: yes, correct.

Hope that answers all your questions.


Thanks @mel.eth ! The Dowls and I are so flattered.

Poll added to the post. This poll is the “final poll” per IIP-85 @gregdocter. Thank you


Great strategy!


FOR, the trajectory this group is on is headed for the moon. Great work that impresses wherever I see it crop up, which is all over the place these days! Some big targets in the new proposal that I’m looking forward to already! Great to work with the support of this group, thank you!


Really impressed by the work coming out of the CDWG, soon to be DWG.

Excited to see the launch of the NFT project, huge potential impact for the COOP if executed well. Alternate contributor compensation options, voting mechanisms, membership and contribution access and potential supplementary revenue stream.

Additionally, I want to echo the impact of high quality video and YouTube. Worked with the defiant and helped design their growth strategy. Their investment in high quality video has/is paying dividends in terms of impressions > opt-ins and paying subscribers.


  1. I’m a little lost with the KPI setting and overlap with Growth and Design. Has there been discussions with Growth around building a Q4 2021 and Q1, Q2 2022 marketing strategy? If video is the major priority, can we start exploring (and hiring for) YouTube and LinkedIn marketing growth specialists? It makes more sense (in my opinion) to have the design KPI’s set after the growth marketing strategy, as they are largely inseparable. For example, who is going to be tasked with coordinating the project management of YouTube optimisation? Will this be growth or design? Apologies if I’ve overlooked something.

  2. Similar to @gregdocter 10x question. How are you going to set DWG autonomous measurable KPI’s for accountability? Impressions, click throughs, subscribes aren’t great metrics until channels have been established for a good length of time (and would be measured by Growth). Is it possible to set more granular targets to publish ‘x’ content within ‘x’ vertical across ‘x’ different platforms. I can see this comment below, but it would be good to see a further breakdown. Different platforms have different video requirements. I’m mindful that this probably needs to happen as part of the growth marketing strategy.

  1. Following on from our recent call, DWG are currently project managing the NFT launch. I think it should be highlighted that DWG would be responsible only for creating and delivering all the required design assets - which in itself will be a huge undertaking. It’s going to require multi-WG input to effectively launch the project.

Love your work @DevOnDeFi

Happy days!


Hey @bradwmorris,

Thanks for the comments and the love.

  1. Growth and Design: you’re right, there’s some overlap, alignment, and maybe a touch of opacity here. Generally, we think Growth will drive more the the strategy we do: what video themes we create, for what platforms, etc. And we in Design are more KPI’d on output for the required strategies and formats. The Vod will work closely with Growth to align on ‘what videos’ to create and ‘why’ before any production starts happening. Beyond that, I would agree that there’s opportunity to hire/resource, say, YouTube optimization folks as we prove ourselves. I think that focus/role might be a touch early now… but may well not be soon. And as part of the video strategy with Growth, KPIs and owners will need to be set.

Outside of Growth, we see ourselves as bringing ideas, but not unilaterally driving strategy, and being a service provider - especially where other people have the idea and brief.

  1. NFT project: I really just seen Design as have a temporary role incubating this idea, before it grows (as it is fast!) and needs its own cross-WG committee/board/whatever. It’s an enormous project in scope, we want to see it blossom, and have no wish to put our talons in and hold on it. We don’t have the resources - and it’ll be so much better for being cross-WG resourced. I think there’s a project manager role emerging as a need-to-fill here pretty quickly.

Hope that answers your questions.


While waiting for the OFFICIAL announcement… :yum::yum::yum: Congrats DWG!! hoot hoot!!

Blessed weekend!!


I was on Annual Leave last week so apologies for getting to this late :pray:… now putting my Funding Council hat on :tophat:

Whilst all WGLs are aligned around the operational burden our quarterly proposal cycle has created, we have not determined the specifics of what a midterm review would look like, and who would be eligible.

As such, could I request we move this proposal in line with other WG proposals and request a budget only for Q4.

In the interim, we will work to figure out what a quaterly review and rollover process would look like.

Now I’m looking forward to sitting back and watching some more awesome IC videos!


That’s fine Joe. Thanks

Working to confirm the budget…

  • 910 INDEX per month → 2730 INDEX total
  • $30,000 USD per month → [not going to sum here due to breakdown below]
    • 2,500 USDC per month → 7500 USDC total
    • $27,500 as INDEX per month → $82,500 in INDEX total

All to be held by the FC Wallet.

Am i parroting that back correctly?

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I get the same numbers when I calculate this @gregdocter. Thanks

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